Give the Best Mother’s Day Gift With This Gift Guide

While a bouquet of flowers and some high-end chocolates will put a smile on any mom’s face, there can be too much of a good thing. Finding the best gift for Mother’s Day can be tough once you work your way through the list of all-time favorites. After all, while Amazon credit or a Sephora gift certificate could be useful, they don’t seem overly thoughtful. If you’re running low on ideas, don’t worry. We have created a handy Mother’s Day gift guide to help you find a thoughtful, creative present that will make your mom smile! There’s an option for every budget and every type of mom!

How can I find affordable Mother’s Day gifts for families on a budget?

If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of unique and thoughtful gift ideas that will wow your mom without breaking the bank. What’s more, there are affordable options for every type of mom. Here are some ideas for under $30:

  1.     A coffee frother

Perfect for moms who can’t live without their morning coffee, a milk frother will help her to make her homemade coffees a little more luxurious. You can find a Zulay Classic Milk Frother with a handy stand for around $20, making it perfect for a budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift.

  1.     A scalp massager

Hair matters to most women, and these days we know that hair health really starts with the scalp. A soft, silicone scalp massager can turn any shower into a spa-like experience for the hair and scalp, making it the perfect gift for moms who care for their hair. There are options to suit every budget, and you can find them in a range of colors and designs to suit your mom’s unique style.

  1.     A new journal

If the mother figure in your life likes to write and express herself, a quality journal and a good pen is a thoughtful gift that will make her me-time a little more calming. There are hundreds of options to choose from. But if you like to keep things simple and elegant, the JAM Hardcover Notebook has thick, high-quality paper, a hard cover, and an elastic band to keep it closed when not in use.

  1.     Pajamas

Though a very common gift for moms, there’s something to be said for a soft, cozy pair of new pajamas. For a start, you can add a personal touch by looking for a pair that suits your mom’s style or has a design that links to her interests or hobbies. There are also options to fit a number of different budgets.

How can I find special gifts for landmark years?

Every now and then, Mother’s Day coincides with a big milestone, such as a landmark birthday or a big achievement. If you have a big event to celebrate this year, there are hundreds of big-ticket gift ideas that will help your mom commemorate that moment or achievement. Consider these options for an extra special gift:

  1.     Jewelry

Jewelry is a common gift for Mother’s Day, and there are options to suit most budgets. However, if you want to mark an extra-special occasion, investing in a unique necklace, ring, or brooch is a good way to give your mom something she will be able to keep for the rest of her life. When choosing a piece of jewelry for your mom, think about her style. Does she wear gold or silver? Does she like understated pieces or chunky statement pieces? Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple pair of diamond studs.

  1.     A compact mirror

If your mom is always on the go, a compact mirror is a thoughtful gift that is both practical and easy to personalize. You can opt for a traditional, sleek compact mirror, of course, or go for a quirkier design that reflects her personality. If your mom spends a lot of time outside and likes to take care of her skin, however, the Fenchilin Travel Compact Mirror with UV Camera is a perfect choice. With a traditional mirror on one side and a small UV camera that can detect where more sunscreen is needed to protect the skin, it is useful, beautiful, and creative.

  1.     An experience day

Sometimes the best gift is an experience. Whether that’s cooking classes, a hot balloon experience, a cruise, or something else, gifting your mom with an experience rather than an item will allow her to make memories that can last a lifetime.

  1.     A luxury handbag

If your mom is a fashion lover, few big-ticket gifts will put a smile on her face quite like a good quality, luxury handbag. Whether you choose a sleek clutch bag for events or an everyday bag that can be a staple of her collection, choose something that suits her personal style.

What are the best Mother’s Day gifts for a beauty lover?

Skincare, make-up, perfume, or accessories—whatever products your beauty-loving mom likes best, there are thousands of potential options for creative and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts in the beauty niche. Whether you have a tight budget or you’re looking to splurge, these gift ideas offer a number of possibilities:

  1.     Gua Sha set

Gua Sha is somewhat of a viral trend in the beauty industry right now. Thought to help soothe congestion, smooth fine lines, and improve circulation, these powerful little tools are versatile and beautiful. You can find jade Gua Sha as a standalone item, which can be a great gift with a potent serum. But they can also be purchased as a set with jade rollers.

  1.     A light therapy mask

Acne, fine lines, or rosacea—for whatever skin concerns your mom has, a light therapy mask could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. There are mask options to suit a variety of budgets and a range of settings. So if your mom isn’t a tech whizz, you can find a light therapy mask that is simple and user-friendly. Of course, if she’s a tech goddess who’s been looking for a great light therapy mask for a while, there are high-end options that have versatile applications.

  1.     A spa day gift certificate

Sometimes moms need a break. While gift certificates aren’t always the most thoughtful gift, a certificate for a spa day of her choosing is certain to make beauty-loving moms smile. This way she can pick and choose the treatments she wants or needs and indulge in a day of relaxation and pampering.

  1.     A luxury skincare set

Whether your mom loves Estee Lauder, Elemis, or Murad, there are dozens of luxury skincare brands that offer gift sets combining their most popular cleansers, toners, creams, and serums. Give your mom the gift of self-care this Mother’s Day with a set of her favorite skincare products from an opulent brand.


What are some good fitness gifts for the sporty mom?

Is your mom a gym bunny? A powerlifter? A marathon enthusiast? If she loves fitness and likes to de-stress and take care of herself, there are many creative gifts that you can give her to meet her goals and level up her gym experience. Consider these options:

  1.     A Hydro Flask

Hydroflasks are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Aside from the star power that the name brings, Hydroflasks are sturdy, reliable, and can be personalized with vinyl stickers. In fact, if you know what kind of styles she likes, you could even give her a pack of stickers to help her personalize her new flask.

  1.     A new yoga mat

If your mother loves to do pilates and yoga, or other bodyweight exercises, a durable, cute yoga mat could be the perfect choice for her next Mother’s Day gift. There are mats in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and designs. So whether she complains about her old mat being too thin or slipping under her feet, you will find a new mat that meets her needs.

  1.     A new gym bag

If the gym is your mom’s second home, she definitely needs a great gym bag to hold all of her essentials. When choosing a gym bag for your mom, think about the amount of equipment she tends to take with her, her personal style, and your budget. There are good quality gym bags in every budget bracket.

  1.     Trainers

Avid gym goers always need a good pair of trainers to provide comfort and support as they work towards their goals. Give your mom her dream pair of trainers to show her that you care about her fitness goals and help her to stay safe and comfortable as she runs, stretches, and lifts in the gym.

What are some thoughtful gifts for sentimental moms?

Every now and then a mom just wants to know that she’s loved and appreciated. If your mom is a sentimental person who likes thoughtful, personalized gifts, consider this list of quirky, cute gifts that will show her how much you care:

  1.     A personalized family photo album

Get a cute photo album and fill it with the best family photos that you can find. Be sure to leave some space so that she can add more of her favorite photos as time goes on! This is the perfect sentimental gift for moms who like to look back fondly.

  1.     A hamper of her favorite things

Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to break the bank. Why not make a little hamper filled with your mom’s favorite treats? For example, a wicker basket full of her favorite candies, wine, a nice candle, and a movie she loves is sure to make her smile and show her you pay attention.

  1.     A self-care kit

Moms don’t always give themselves as much love and care as they should, so why not make her a little self-care kit this Mother’s Day? A bag filled with face masks, hand and face creams, some fluffy socks, and other self-care and beauty accessories could be just what the doctor ordered. A helpful hint—if your mom has curly hair, why not add a silk pillowcase to help her keep her curls in top condition?

  1.     A sunflower growing kit

Does your mom love flowers? Does she love her garden? If so, a sunflower growing kit could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Sunflowers have a fairly long growing season and grow quickly. And more than this they are beautiful. If she learns how to harvest the seeds, you could be giving her the gift of flowers for years to come!

How can I find exciting experience gifts for adventurous moms?

If your mom loves to seek out new experiences and have adventures, these experience-themed gifts are sure to put a smile on her face. There’s an option here for every type of mom, whether she likes to try new foods, test her knowledge, or get a rush of adrenaline:

  1.     A hot balloon or helicopter trip

A hot balloon or helicopter trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to see your local area. If your mom loves unique and thrilling experiences, an experience like this could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and it’s sure to be one she will never forget.

  1.     A food tour

Food tours are pretty common in big cities, and they are a good way to learn more about the area while trying new dishes. If you don’t live near a food tour, however, you can always take her to a nice restaurant that offers a tasting menu, or create your own food tour experience!

  1.     A rage room experience

Being a mom can be stressful. Give your mom an experience like no other where she can let loose and destress safely by breaking stuff! A rage room experience is fun and cathartic. You can even go with her and make some memories.

  1.     A distillery or brewery tour

Whether your mom loves craft beer, a glass of wine, or prefers liquors, a tour of a local distillery or brewery could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift to get her out of the house. These tours are fun and informative and often come with small tasters (which is always a bonus).

How can I get great deals on unique gifts this Mother’s Day?

Finding a great Mother’s Day gift can be tough, but when you think about your moms likes and dislikes you can find creative gifts that will make her smile. This gift guide should provide some ideas for every type of mom. Whether you’re looking for a small gift or a big-ticket item, you can find the best deals on Mother’s Day gifts at Rakuten. From cashback offers to sales and deals, there are many ways to save money and make this Mother’s Day extra special.

FAQ – Mother’s Day gift guide

Why do we give gifts on Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day as we know it today is a result of the old Christian tradition of Mothering Sunday (which fell out of fashion in the early 1900s) and the campaigns of British and American activists Constance Penswick-Smith and Anna Jarvis. These women created a day to celebrate mothers and revived this old tradition. Like most older holidays, the idea of gift-giving has become more important recently, but the intent has always been the same—to show love and appreciation for everything our mothers do!

How can I surprise my mom on Mother’s Day?

The best way to surprise your mom this Mother’s Day is to enlist the help of other family members or friends to help you find something she will like without her finding out what it is. You can also arrange to spend some time with her in a place that you both love or even surprise her with a family brunch.

What are the most common gifts on Mother’s Day?

The most common gifts given on Mother’s Day include:

  •       Flowers
  •       Perfume
  •       Skincare
  •       Personalized items, such as mugs
  •       Jewelry

How can I make Mother’s Day special with no money?

There are some years when a big-ticket gift, or any kind of gift, is out of the question. While it’s nice to give a gift, Mother’s Day should never put you in debt. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the big day without breaking the bank. For example, giving her breakfast in bed with a small bunch of flowers picked from the garden, or cooking her a nice lunch could be just what she needs to make her feel loved and appreciated.

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