Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

You can’t avoid it any longer. Spring cleaning is here, and your home desperately wants a fresh look for the new season. No one likes cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be all bad with these tips and tricks — and some useful products to make it as convenient as possible.

Make a Schedule

Sometimes thinking about what you have to do is more stressful than actually doing it. With a lot to do during spring cleaning, it’s best for your own sanity to create a schedule. Having a specific task for each day will prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

Start From Top to Bottom

The worst mistake you could make is cleaning your floors first. More than likely, you’re going to wipe a bunch of debris onto the floor as you clean everything above it. Work from top to bottom, ending with your floors.

Clean Off the Burnt Bits of Your Oven

If you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, then you’ll need to get in there yourself. You can make it easier by placing a wet cloth on top of the burnt bits for about 15 minutes, which will soften it up. Then use baking powder and a heavy-duty pad to easily wipe it off.

Use a Steam Cleaner

Spring cleaning doesn’t always need to expose your body to all sorts of chemicals. Consider investing in a steam cleaner. It uses hot water vapor, so it’s 100 percent clean and chemical-free but still gets the job done.

Get a Duster That Can Reach Everywhere

Dusting is an essential task for spring cleaning, but not every surface can be reached with just any duster. Those ceiling fans are probably incredibly dusty, so you’ll need something that can both bend and extend.

Use Lemons to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

After a long time, garbage disposals can get straight-up nasty. One of the best solutions is using a lemon! Just drop small chunks of lemon into the disposal and let it run. The citrus juice and rind texture will clean the blades and give your sink a fresh lemon smell.

Declutter Your Home

Looking at a disorganized, cluttered room can make starting to clean very overwhelming. Before you get down and dirty on the walls and floors, declutter the rooms in your home to give you more opportunity for a deeper clean and make it less stressful to look at.


Now that you have some fresh tips and products, it’s time to get started on the cleaning process! Be sure to shop through Rakuten for all these items, since earning Cash Back for your spring cleaning is the ultimate form of winning.


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