The 9 Most Popular At-Home Food Subscription Boxes

Everyone knows cooking at home is healthier for both you and your budget, but not everyone has the time to cook their own meals regularly — let alone think of creative dinner options and then shop for all the ingredients during a busy day. 

That’s where at-home food subscription boxes come in. We’ve put together a list of the top 12 food subscription boxes, with options that include premade meals, special dietary options, organic ingredients, family-friendly meals, ultra-low prep time meals and options perfect for people on a strict budget. Check our list to find an ideal food subscription box that fits your personal needs and preferences.


There’s a reason HelloFresh is the most popular meal-kit company in the United States. It has over 25 recipes you can choose from each week, with more limited options for a vegetarian diet. Total time from unboxing to eating ranges from about 20 minutes to about 50 minutes. It’s priced at the lower end, but offers a great variety and quality of ingredients.


Gobble is rated No. 1 in meal kits by Parents Magazine for its meals that can be prepared in just 15 minutes. Everything comes prepared, with presliced veggies and meats, and sauces, pastas, and grains precooked to save you time. If you prefer convenience over the full home-cooking experience, then Gobble is perfect for you.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron has been on the meal-kit scene for a while, helping create the industry in some key ways. Being around for so long has allowed the company to fine-tune a lot of its processes; it’s known for combining high-quality items with great value and low cost per serving. You’ll find classic recipes as well as more exotic, exciting options to suit all taste buds. For home cooks on a budget, Blue Apron is a great choice.


For meals that are ready to heat and eat, Freshly is a fantastic choice. You’ll get to select from an impressive collection of over 50 recipes each week, as well as discover gluten-free and plant-based options.

Green Chef

This certified-organic meal-kit service is a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it for the health-conscious home cook. Green Chef lets you select from six plans, including vegan, gluten-free, keto and paleo, and fast and fit. Choose from over 20 recipes each week, and easily cook with sustainably sourced produce.

Home Chef

Home Chef is ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction among leading meal-kit companies. Choose from recipes you prepare yourself or premade meals you simply heat and serve. With an average time of 30 minutes per recipe, Home Chef is perfect for the busiest subscribers. You’ll get to choose from over 30 recipes each week, including premium options with restaurant-quality ingredients.


Stay in ketosis almost effortlessly with Factor’s keto meals that are ready to heat and eat. You can choose from over 23 options that rotate each week for freshness and variety. Factor produce is non-GMO and organic, and its meats are grass-fed and free of added hormones and antibiotics.


Purple Carrot

This top-rated vegan and plant-based subscription service offers both fully prepared heat-and-serve meals and kits you prepare yourself. You can choose items specially created for breakfast, lunch or dinner for more daily meal options. Choose from 12 options each week that are high in protein and low in calories.


If dietary restrictions aren’t an issue and you’re looking for family-friendly meal options, EveryPlate is a top choice. Choose from 16 exciting recipes each week with EveryPlate’s ultra-affordable pricing. People with kids tend to love this one because of the selection of meals designed to appeal to kids.

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