Top Gifts for a White Elephant Exchange This Year

White Elephant gift exchanges are a huge part of Christmas for many people, and it’s important that you have a gift you can be proud of. But with a low-dollar limit and a high likelihood your present won’t end up with the person you’ve envisioned, how do you find the perfect gift? Here are a few gifts that won’t break the bank, but are sure to make an impact.

Barefoot Dreams Heathered Socks

When it comes to gifts you can give your adult friends, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a high-quality pair of socks. Socks are the type of thing you always need, but never go out of your way to buy. A high-quality pair can keep your feet warm and ensure you don’t need to shop for replacements for a few years.

Puffin Puffy Beverage Jacket

This insulated can cooler is the perfect combination of kitschy and useful. It’s shaped like a person wearing a jacket, and it both keeps your cans cold and looks very cute. If your friend group is full of people who have a bit of an off-kilter sense of humor, you can be sure everyone will love this gift.

Tonymoly I’m Real Sheet Mask Collection

Sometimes all you need for a great gift is to encourage others to partake in self-care. This collection of 10 masks will encourage your recipient to spend some time on their own, enjoying the experience of being pampered. It’s especially great if you don’t know the group very well.

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Tray

Eating dinner, drinking wine or reading a book in the bathtub is the height of luxury, and that’s the experience this caddy attempts to capture. The tray adjusts from 29 to 43 inches wide, so it comfortably fits a variety of bathtubs no matter where you’re sitting.

Vobaga Coffee Mug Warmer

Nothing ruins a cup of coffee quite like taking a sip only to realize it has gone lukewarm. That problem will be a thing of the past with this coffee mug warmer. It has three temperature settings, allowing your recipient to set the precise temperature they want for their coffee or tea.

Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds

Are you giving a gift to a group of night owls? This Death Wish Coffee could be an incredible choice. It uses a blend of organic arabica and robusta beans for what it calls “the world’s strongest coffee.” Give your group a gift they can use for the next few weeks with this unique style of coffee.

Whiskware Pancake Batter Dispenser and Mixer

This unique gift is perfect for White Elephant exchanges with a lower price limit. The springy ball inside the bottle bounces around when you shake all your ingredients, ensuring they mix perfectly. The bottle is primarily advertised for pancakes, but you can put all sorts of mixes in it, allowing you to pour precisely.



  • How much should I spend on a White Elephant gift?

Make sure to confirm the amount you’re supposed to spend with the other people who are taking part. A typical maximum amount is $25 or $35. Try to stay within $10 of that amount unless you find something genuinely super cool for less. Significantly underspending can make it seem like you didn’t put much effort into it, while significantly overspending makes everyone else feel self-conscious about their gift.

  • What is a White Elephant gift exchange?

A White Elephant gift exchange is a unique way for people to bring gifts to a party that then get dispersed a bit randomly. One person picks a present and opens it. The next person can then choose whether to steal the first present — after which the first person will pick a new present — or open a new present. That means everyone gets a chance to join in the fun.

  • How far in advance should I plan for a White Elephant gift exchange?

You should plan as far in advance as necessary to ensure you get your product on time. If it’s the day before the gift swap and you still don’t have your gift, you may want to make your way to a department store like Sears or Macy’s to grab a great gift everyone will love.


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