12 Uses for Baby Oil That Will Save Any Adult Money

We love a good multipurpose product that can save us time, money and effort. To that end, one item you should always keep in your arsenal: baby oil. Yes, it does more than moisturize; that silky-smooth, delightfully fragrant mineral oil offers a wealth of solutions to all sorts of problems. Want to know all the things you can do with a little bit of baby oil? We’re sharing the 12 most interesting, nifty and versatile uses.

Remove Band-Aids

If you have kids, then you know removing a Band-Aid can be a major production. Should you rip it off and let the whining ensue or go tediously slowly while they cringe in horror? It’s a lose-lose situation when you have a toddler wailing on your lap. But a bit of baby oil will loosen a stubborn bandage and allow it to simply slip off the skin—no tears, no ouchies, no problem.

Say Bye-Bye to Temporary Tattoos

Those goodie-bag temporary tattoos can be surprisingly not so temporary. If you don’t want your entire office to see the Mickey Mouse “tat” your 5-year-old creatively placed on your forehead, you may end up scrubbing your sensitive skin with harsh soap or gritty exfoliant. Skip those irritating steps and opt instead for an easier and gentler solution: some baby or mineral oil. Gently rub with a cotton ball, and your faux face ink will be no more. 

Unknot Necklaces

If you have delicate necklaces that have somehow ended up in a major clumped-up mess, try squeezing a touch of baby oil directly onto the knots. It’ll loosen them up like magic to help you separate strands.

Unstick a Zipper

Got a zipper that just won’t budge? A little baby oil will lubricate the metal and get it back in motion. No need to take that jacket to the tailor after all!

Lubricate Hinges

If you don’t have WD-40 handy, you can try a little bit of baby oil to take away the annoying noise of creaky cabinets and loosen tight door hinges.

Add Shine to Stainless Steel

No steel cleaner under your kitchen sink? Not a problem. Try getting rid of fridge fingerprints and dishwasher streaks with some baby oil on a rag. It’ll give your stainless-steel appliances a nice, even finish.

Clean Shower-Curtain Buildup

While you’re in the cleaning groove, ask yourself: When was the last time I wiped the buildup off my shower curtains? Eek! Don’t worry, you don’t have to break a sweat with a scrub. Wiping them down with some baby oil will remove the gunk in a pinch. Note, though, that it will make your shower or tub floor super slippery, so be careful and wash it all away afterward.

Remove Rings


You know that claustrophobic feeling when you get a too-tight ring stuck on a swollen finger? Don’t panic; just breathe. Before you turn to lotion or soap and water (and risk causing more pain and swelling), reach for the baby oil to get your finger nice and lubricated before gently massaging the ring off. (If this hack doesn’t work, try a spritz of Windex!)


Get Rid of Pesky Makeup

Out of eye makeup-remover pads? Simply dab a bit of baby oil on a cotton ball and gently pat and rub to remove excess eye shadow, mascara or eyeliner.

Use for a Mani-Pedi

You don’t have to spend money at the salon to get a neat and tidy manicure, nor do you need to have the steadiest polishing hand. Use a wooden mani stick to coat the outer edges of your nail with baby oil, which will create a barrier for polish and make it so you can’t paint outside the lines.

Get Rid of Paint Stains on Skin

If you’ve been DIY-ing with latex paint and you have it all over your hands and body, you can hop in the shower—or you can spot-remove it with some baby oil.

Remove Stubborn Stickers

That new vase is going to look fabulous on your shelf, but the only problem is that it features a big, neon-orange price tag. Rather than trying to scratch off the excess sticker glue, wet it down with a dab of baby oil. All that stubborn goo will come right off!

Whether you have little ones at home or not, baby oil is an absolute must-have. Keep a bottle in your cabinet, because you never know when you’ll have a stuck zipper or creaky door hinge! (Who doesn’t appreciate a quality hack?)

Lauren is a digital editor, freelance writer, and Instagram aficionado with a feisty five-year-old boy and a sassy two-year-old diva at home. With a passion for family, travel, style, and alliteration, she spends her days chasing children, chugging coffee, and daydreaming about sleep. As a veteran lifestyle editor and media mom, Lauren loves to find ways to make the aspirational attainable for all the overwhelmed parents out there—because we really need to stick together! Lauren lives with her husband and kiddos in the suburbs of New York City.

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