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Rakuten Autofill

What is Rakuten Autofill?

Rakuten Autofill makes it easier and faster to check out. With one tap, Rakuten Autofill will use your saved info to fill in the entire checkout form.

How does Rakuten Autofill work?

After a purchase you’ll be asked to save your info to Rakuten Autofill. Once saved, the next time you check out at any store, Rakuten Autofill will display your saved info. You’ll have the option to use the info as shown or make edits. To finish using Rakuten Autofill, tap “Use Autofill” and your checkout form will automatically fill in with your preferred info.

How does Rakuten Autofill keep my data secure?

Your saved info for Rakuten Autofill is encrypted. To learn more about our data privacy and security practices, please review our Privacy Policy.

How do I manage my saved info?

In our App, view saved info by going to My Account > Autofill Profile. There, you can add or edit addresses, credit cards, emails and any other additional info that you’d like to use with Rakuten Autofill.

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