10 Father’s Day Gifts That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Father’s Day offers a chance to show your dad just how much you appreciate everything he does for the entire family all year, but it can be hard to think of new and exciting gifts year after year. There are only so many ties and bottles of cologne one man can own. Finding gifts that create fun experiences for the whole family can liven up Father’s Day and give your dad what he really wants — time with the people he loves the most.

10 Father’s Day Gifts That Will Bring the Family Together

Whether your father is a grill aficionado, a sports fan or an outdoorsman, there’s a perfect gift or experience for him. These 10 gift ideas are perfect for bringing the family together for a fun day that will create great memories and put a smile on everyone’s face.

  1. A new camping stove

Hiking, camping and spending time in the great outdoors are great experiences that create memories and encourage bonding. If your dad considers himself an outdoorsman, a new camping stove is a great Father’s Day gift that provides an opportunity for the whole family to make memories together. After all, what could be better than a few days in the great outdoors, making s’mores and sharing campfire stories as a family?

  1. A day of mini golfing

Mini golf is the perfect day out for the whole family. If your father loves the sport, it can be a fun way to give him a chance to share some wisdom in a kid-friendly environment. Gadgets and gizmos may look nice when they’re wrapped, but new things quickly become old. Memories and experiences are forever.

  1. A deep-sea fishing experience

Fishing is a popular way to pass the time for outdoors-loving dads, but there are few fishing experiences that can top a deep-sea expedition. Give your dad the chance to bag himself a prizewinner as you spend time together out on the water. These experiences can come in full- and half-day trips, and they’ll give you plenty of time to talk, bond and make once-in-a-lifetime memories together.

  1. A mini pool table

Family game nights can be a whole heap of fun, but the shine can wear off if you’re playing the same games over and over. A mini pool table is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who love to play games and teach their kids new skills. There are even options with folding legs for when you want to free up space in the family room.

  1. A trip to a local museum

If your dad is a history buff who loves to learn about the past and share his knowledge, a trip to a local museum or historical site could be the perfect gift this Father’s Day. Whether he’s interested in world history or focuses on the history of your local area, a day out with the whole family centered around his interests is a great way to show him how much you appreciate him.

  1. See a live show

Music brings people together, and there are many options to choose from. You could take your dad to a local music festival or buy tickets to see a band he loves. Spending time with him at a concert is a thoughtful gift and a great opportunity to bond and learn more about the things he loves.

  1. Go out for a family dinner

Sometimes the best gift is a night when no one has to cook, clean or wash dishes. Getting all dressed up as a family to take your dad out for a good meal on Father’s Day — whether it’s a steak or a tasty pizza — can be a lovely experience. Better still, you can top it off with a night at the movies. 

  1. A retro gaming console

Like the rest of us, dads just want to have fun. More often than not, they want to have fun with their families. Giving your dad a retro gaming console, such as the Nintendo Classic Mini, is a great way to give him something that will remind him of his younger days while offering a prime opportunity for family fun and bonding. After all, nothing brings people together like a Mario Kart tournament.

  1. A go-karting experience

There are few family experiences that offer as much fun and excitement as go-karting. If your dad is a car lover who thinks of himself as a racer, a family-friendly day of go-karting could be the ideal Father’s Day gift to put a smile on his face and bring the family together.

  1. A karaoke machine

Not everyone has a great singing voice, but the joy of expressing ourselves can be fun whether we’re songbirds or not. A karaoke machine makes a great gift for musically inclined dads on Father’s Day because it offers the chance for the whole family to come together, not take themselves too seriously and create a party atmosphere.

Each of these Father’s Day gift ideas offers more than just the gift itself. They all create a chance to spend quality time having fun with the whole family and making memories that will last a lifetime, which is worth far more than any gift.

4 Low- or No-Cost Gifts to Bring the Family Together on Father’s Day

If your budget is tight this year, there are many things you can do to create a great Father’s Day experience for your dad or your kids’ dad without breaking the bank. These simple, creative ideas are perfect for families with young kids and can be achieved with just some time and a few affordable materials.

  1. A scavenger hunt

Instead of a big-ticket item, you could get your dad his favorite candies or a special album filled with your favorite family photos, and then create a scavenger hunt leading him to the gift. Leave clues that will lead him to places that have good memories for the entire family before bringing him to the gift.

  1. Home cinema experience

Movie nights are some of the best family bonding experiences money can’t buy. Whether you use a streaming service or just pick a selection of movies from your collection, a home cinema experience — complete with popcorn — is a great way for the entire family to spend a fun couple of hours. Include your dad’s favorite drinks and snacks and settle in for a night of fun. You can even create some bingo cards with common movie tropes and themes with small prizes for the person who finds them all first.

  1. Breakfast in bed

Dads work hard just like moms, so having his favorite breakfast brought to him in bed and enjoying a peaceful morning with a good book or great TV show is a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank. Dress up his breakfast tray with some fresh flowers — yes, dads like flowers too — and some handmade cards to show him how much you all care.

  1. Game night with prizes

What dad doesn’t like to test his skills? If your dad is a gamer, organize a family game tournament with one of his favorite video games. Have a few low-budget prizes, such as his favorite snacks, handmade coupons for activities the entire family enjoys and even a paper crown for the winner.

These budget-friendly Father’s Day experiences will show how much you care for and appreciate your dad on his big day, and they’ll make memories that will last for many years.

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FAQs — Father’s Day Gifts That Are Fun for the Whole Family

What is the best surprise for Father’s Day?

The best surprise for Father’s Day is something you know your dad — or your kids’ dad — will enjoy and helps the entire family come together and show their appreciation. Whether it’s a new barbecue and a lunch to put it to good use or a bottle of his favorite cologne, it really doesn’t matter. Thoughtful gifts show a person you pay attention to their likes and needs.

What can I do for my husband on Father’s Day with no money?

You don’t need to spend much money to show your husband you and the children appreciate him on Father’s Day. Low-budget experiences, such as hiking some of his favorite trails, showcasing your cooking skills with a hearty breakfast in bed and baking a cake for dads with a sweet tooth, are good options. Spending time with the people you love is a thoughtful gift. Cost doesn’t correlate to quality.

What is the most gifted item on Father’s Day?

The most commonly gifted items on Father’s Day include neckties, socks, cologne, automotive accessories and personal-care items.

How can I surprise my dad with a gift?

Getting genuinely surprising gifts is wonderful, but it can be hard to surprise your dad when you live in such close proximity. If you want to surprise your dad with a gift, you should think of something without asking him or dropping hints long before the big day. Enlist your mom to help you get the present into the house and wrap it without him seeing it. That will ensure that you really surprise him on Father’s Day. 

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