10 Products to Help You Get Better Sleep 

Remember sleep? Yeah, me neither. With two little ones, I’m happy if I can catch some sporadic shut-eye, let alone six or seven consecutive hours. Getting more than 40 winks feels like a distant memory for this exhausted mama, and I literally dream about, well, dreaming. This year, I’m taking sleep off the back burner and prioritizing rest, relaxation and quality Z’s — and you can, too, with a little help from a few innovative insomnia products. Whether you’re sleep-deprived because of crazy kids, a demanding job or anything (and everything!) in between, there’s hope for you yet. Pour yourself some decaffeinated tea, climb under a cozy blanket and browse these Sandman-approved picks.

Sleep Mask

Block out light without putting pressure on your delicate eyes with this cushy and conforming contoured sleep mask. Nighty night.

Weighted Blanket

Studies haves shown that weighted blankets can help you get better sleep. This veritable swaddle for grown-ups provides gentle pressure to promote peaceful slumber. Ahhh.

Air Purifier

Reduce common allergens in your bedroom and you might just find yourself sleeping silently through the night. (Imagine that!) And, yes, it has a quiet setting for nighttime use.

Knee Pillow

Side sleepers, rejoice. This nifty pillow aligns your thighs and hips to help relieve pressure and keep you comfortable all night.

Cooling Pillow

If you are perpetually flipping your pillow, you need this sleep product! A ConstantCool Cover moves heat away from your body so you stay content and your face feels refreshed.


Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

This two-in-one product will set the Zen tone for a calm and quiet night. Diffuse essential oils that promote sleep while benefitting from the built-in cool mist humidifier. Plus, the cool colors have an almost hypnotic effect.

Wicking Bed Sheet Set

Hot-headed (and hot-bodied) sweaters will keep cool and dry despite nighttime perspiration in these super luxurious moisture-wicking sheets.

Sound Machine

White noise is your friend, whether you are trying to drown out a rowdy neighbor or create a relaxing ambiance at home. Enjoy the soothing sounds of rain, ocean waves and thunder — it’s like music to your tired ears.

Sleep Tea

Sip your way to sleep with this botanical blend of calming herbs. You’ll feel the stress of the day melt away with every warm swallow.

Sleep Oil

Spritz this deep-sleep night oil on your body or sheets, and you’ll soon feel your mind calm and your body still. Made with chamomile, lavender grape oil and vetivert, it helps with hypertension and insomnia.

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