10 Steps to Spruce Up Your Space This Spring

10 Steps to Spruce Up Your Space This Spring

Transitioning from winter to spring can be one of the most fulfilling design moments of the year. If you have the right decor and the right mindset, you can create a cheery spring-like space that you’ll be dying to hang out in come the weekend — no matter how small your space. Here are some home-decorating ideas that you can employ while earning Cash Back at Ebates.

Start with a little spring cleaning

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” is a great read to get you ready to de-clutter your life — and there’s no better time for that than spring-cleaning season. Although Kondo’s ideas are revolutionary, they may be a struggle to stick to religiously. But tidying up once and reducing the excess in your space will help you maintain order as the seasons drag on. It’s an investment, so next spring maybe you’ll be able to skip spring cleaning altogether.

Switch up your lights

Libby 3-Light Industrial Console Lamp with Edison Bulbs

For an instant change to any room, update your lighting situation. A contemporary, quirky lamp — like this three-bulb lamp from Lamps Plus — is the perfect way to bring a new look to any space. Stay on-trend with a bronze base and unique Edison-style bulbs. You’ll need the lamplight less and less as the days get longer, but you’ll appreciate this look even in the light of day.

Curtain call

Try investing in new curtains. Grey is the color of the season, which could be the perfect choice to redecorate your space’s window dressing. Curtains are an easy-to-switch-out accessory that can inexpensively bring new life to any room at any time.

Throw some pillows at it

18-inch Indoor/Outdoor Tropical Throw Pillow Cover

Anything with a tropical print will be a favorite decor item this season, and throw pillows are the ultimate accent. Add just one or two new pillows on top of your same old comfortable sofa, and you will change the look of the room completely. These palm-leaf throw covers from Overstock.com will slip right over your existing throws and turn your space into a warm, tropical haven you’ll love spending time in.

Stick with the staples

The first trick to revamping your space is to stay true to the pieces that work. When it comes to living-room decorating ideas, solid investments — rather than trendy furniture — are in style this season. That means you don’t have to buy a new couch; just update your throw blanket or rug. You don’t have to get a brand-new glass-plated table; just decorate with a few vintage books from the flea market and a brass-and-glass vase.

DIY something

The weather is warmer. The sun is out. Your weekends are freeing up. That’s the perfect combination for a do-it-yourself home-decor project. Start small with a DIY spring wreath for your door or wall, or go big with a wooden bedside table. You’ll be able to spruce up your space and create something you’ll love to look at and show off. Make this season the time you finally do that project you’ve been thinking about for months.

Find some vines

Climbing vines are this year’s succulents. Greenery adds some life to every room, increases productivity and can even make you happier. Wall-hanging plants are one of the best space-conscious home ideas to bring color to your space. Some wooden or brass vases that you can nail right to the wall are the best way to showcase these decorative plants.

Make your kitchen a happy place

Marble & Metal Serving Board

Healthy eating can depend so much on a happy, pleasant kitchen. Start with cleaning out your cabinets (do you really still need those two chipped Starbucks mugs from college?), and then invest in one or two clean, fun pieces that will get you back into the kitchen preparing healthy meals. This marble-and-copper cutting board from Food52 should do the trick.

Try new knobs

Grey Agate Stone Cabinet Handle, Dresser Drawer Pull & Cupboard Door Knob for Modern Home Décor, Decorative Stone Furniture Hardware Fixture

Update your dresser or cabinets this spring with some new knobs. Try going for something different and fun — something you’ve never seen before, like grey agate stone knobs with gold from Etsy. Or go for a vintage look. Either way, mix it up and you’ll be cheered up and ready for spring every time you walk into your space.

Don’t be afraid of mixed patterns

Who says striped pillows won’t look great on a handmade quilt? Or that a tie-dye rug doesn’t go perfectly with geometric curtains? Bring out anything and everything unique you have, and put it all together. Going eclectic is a fun way to revamp your space and bring playfulness into your space this season. If you love the piece but it doesn’t exactly match, don’t question it — just go for it.

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