2022 Gift Card Guide

Gift cards are an underused gift option. If you’re thinking about a gift to give your friends and family members this holiday season, a gift card may be an awesome opportunity. Here’s what you need to know to successfully give gift cards.

Best Reasons to Buy a Gift Card

A gift card is a great option when you’re running low on ideas or if you know the person you’re gifting to has very specific needs. Say, for example, you have a friend who loves interior designing, but also has very specific tastes that change regularly. It may be best to buy them a gift card to an interior decor store, which will allow them to pick out the product they need the most.

Gift Cards Available at Rakuten

Rakuten offers a variety of gift cards. Here are the gift cards you can purchase at Rakuten, as well as some information about how to check your balance after you’ve bought it.

Visit the gift card balance page on the Container Store website.

How to Buy an E-Gift Card

Buying an e-gift card is super simple with Rakuten. Select the gift card you want to receive from the Rakuten gift card shop, then enter an amount. The value limit will depend on the retailer. Select whether you want to send it to someone else as a gift, then select “Buy Now.” Input the delivery information and your payment information, and place the order. You’ll get an email with instructions about your e-gift card, which you can follow to redeem it.



  • How much time do I need to wait after buying an e-gift card to give it to someone?

The delivery of an e-gift card will usually be instantaneous, but there are occasionally delays due to payment verification. That makes them a great option for people looking for a last-minute gift, since you can buy it right before you need to deliver it.

  • Can I have an e-gift card delivered directly to the recipient?

You often can. If you’re buying an e-gift card for someone else, you may be able to include their name and email address as the recipient instead of yours. That means you’re able to send the card directly to the recipient. If you’re giving the gift in person, however, you may choose to have it delivered to your email address, then print out the physical paper to give to the recipient.

  • What’s the difference between an e-gift card and a normal gift card?

The primary difference is that an e-gift card is delivered digitally, while a normal gift card has a physical card associated with it. You typically purchase e-gift cards online and normal gift cards at a store, where they’ll give you the card at the time of purchase. There is no difference when it comes to redeeming your gift card, and you can redeem both the same way.

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