3 Low Maintenance Houseplants


While we can all appreciate the value of an attractive houseplant, we don’t all have the green thumb that it takes to keep them alive for more than a few weeks. If you’re like us and you want a good looking but low maintenance houseplant, we’ve got your covered. Spritz these plants with a splash of water every couple weeks and you’ve got yourself a growing, thriving and happy houseplant. Don’t forget to head over to Ebates for discounted price deals and Cash Back offers on your favorite Home and Garden stores.



Easily identifiable by their thick oval leaves and deep green color, jade plants grow quickly and require relatively little attention to keep healthy. These succulents tend to be more attractive than the average fern, and they’re easier to maintain as well.


While we all know of aloe as a component in a huge range of skincare products, the plant is also surprisingly easy to maintain. Aloe thrives in dry soil environments, meaning that depending on the humidity levels of your home or office, you can get away with only watering the plant once every other week. For those of us that tend to forget about those watering obligations, aloe seems like it might be just the right match.

Air Plants

In addition to their incredibly easy upkeep and maintenance routines, air plants are also one of the coolest plants in terms of options for potting. Because they don’t require soil to grow, there are a ton of cool ways to hang your air plants for a unique display. And all you need to do to keep them thriving is to mist once a week with a water bottle.

According to the American Horticultural Therapy Association, maintaining houseplants have myriad benefits ranging from improving your mood and sense of well-being, to reducing anxiety and stress levels, giving a better sense of stability, and making it easier to relax.

Whether you want them to help filter indoor pollution, do a little stress relief, or just brighten up an otherwise lackluster corner of your home, houseplants can do the trick! While you might not think you have the green thumb, ordering a few of these super easy to maintain houseplants should be able to convince you otherwise.

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