5 Non-Lame Valentine’s Day Gifts He’ll Actually Use

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift guides for guys, I’ve seen it all. Usually, they start with something golf-related, have a bunch of tacky gag gifts shoved in the middle and end with a wildly expensive present that no human woman would ever purchase for herself, let alone her boyfriend or husband. I’m here to fix that. These Valentine’s Day ideas are useful. They’re classy. They are, in essence, the best Valentine’s gifts for guys. And a couple of them are even designed with you in mind. To top it off, you’ll also be helping yourself by earning Cash Back at Ebates while shopping for all the best products.

Help Him Manage His Time — Literally

Some may advise against buying your guy a watch for Valentine’s Day. Watches tend to be personal investments, and a quality timepiece can run you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. But you don’t have to drop a fortune to give him something he’ll value. The Timex Weekender is a bona fide classic, and the brand has really stepped up its game in recent years to compete with the likes of Shinola. Give him all the style and flash of a $1,000 watch with a sub-$100 price tag. You’ll save even more after you get Cash Back from Ebates.

Let Him Slice and Dice His Way to Kitchen Glory

Guys like knives. That’s a fact. And this V-Day gift works on two angles. First, upon opening his gift, he’ll likely want to chop, dice and slice every vegetable in the house. Second, said vegetable chopping will result in him staring at his handiwork feeling guilty about wasting the results, and he’ll most likely make you an awesome meal. It’s a win-win! There’s no better knife to take him from everyday Joe to kitchen ninja than a Shun Classic chef’s knife. I’ve had mine for years, it’s still as sharp as the day I bought it (with proper care, of course) and it’s just as much fun gliding through onion number 1,000 as it was on day one.


Gift Him a Tool He Never Knew He Needed

There’s a good chance he already has a drill set and a toolbox full of the staples, but if I was a betting man (I’m not, but roll with it), I’d guess he doesn’t own a Dremel rotary tool. The Dremel 3000 is the chameleon of power tools. It can slice, grind, chop, polish and cut metal, wood, plastic and more. And Dremel makes a boatload of attachments, so it can be used in hundreds of ways. This thing is a monster, and it saved me time and money more times than I can count when remodeling our home. It’s something he may never buy for himself, but he’ll thank you every time he busts it out of that gray-and-blue case.

Reconnect Him With His Old Friend: the Grill

Most guys will look for any excuse to break out the grill, but snow, ice and a gnarly windchill tend to put a damper on flame-filled festivities — unless there’s something to make it all worthwhile. Cue Omaha Steaks and the Amazing Griller’s Banquet. It’s a straight-up feast that will coax him out of hibernation to put match to flame and make him forget for a few hours that he’s tending to his prized grill in sub-zero conditions.

Keep Him Looking His Best

Collar stays (used to keep a shirt collar straight and crisp) are a man’s equivalent to hair ties, in that they always seem to go missing. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important. If he already uses them, he’ll appreciate this handsome collection from Ties.com. Since they’re fancy metal (there’s even a rose gold one, which is so hot right now), he’ll be forced to at least try not to lose them. If he doesn’t use collar stays, it’ll be a revelation. He can say goodbye to wonky-looking collars, and his sad, deformed dress shirts will be given new life.

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