Find the Perfect Fit: Plus-Size Jeans for Your Body Type

Those in the plus-size category know how challenging it can be to find the perfect pair of jeans. Thankfully, the fashion industry has evolved to include plenty of options perfectly tailored to fit curvier frames. These jeans are specifically designed to flatter your best assets without being uncomfortable, too baggy or otherwise ill-fitting. Below, we break down five body types and the best fits for each.

Body Type: Hourglass

You Have: A defined waistline and a full bust and hipline

Balance your hipline by choosing pants with a flared or wide leg. Try these jeans by NYDJ. The crisscross panel flattens and lifts an ample behind. The flare is flattering for a fuller leg.

Body Type: Inverted pyramid

You Have: Broad shoulders, a full bust and slender hips, butt and legs

This body type looks best in a style that shows off slim legs. Wear a looser silhouette up top and keep the look straight and narrow for your lower half. A great pick is a pair of skinny jeans with a bit of stretch for extra comfort.



Body Type: Triangle

You Have: A smaller upper body (slim shoulders and arms), a defined waistline and pronounced hips

Your legs are one of your best assets, and a great pair of jeans will help show them off. Look for a trouser style (wider legs) or a pair with a slight flare to help balance out your proportions. You can also experiment with cropped or frayed styles that look smart paired with flirty heels.

Body Type: Pear

You Have: Narrow shoulders, curvy hips and thighs, and an ample behind

Pear is one of the most common body types for plus-size women. Play up your assets by flaunting them in a snug-fitting style. Look for a slim fit with a bit of stretch, which will maximize your shape. Accessorize with a pair of heels to elongate your legs.

Body Type: Diamond

You Have: A waistline fuller than your hips and bust, and perfectly proportionate lower legs, chest and face

People with a diamond body type look amazing in flat-front styles. Show off your gams in straight or boot-cut styles. You’re also one of the only plus-size body types who look perfect in a pair of capris, like this pair of boyfriend-style jeans.

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