5 Travel-Friendly Cameras for First-Time Photographers

With a mountain of advice on the Internet for the best beginner camera, sifting through all the lingo is intimidating. This list is meant to be as diverse as you are, and it can be suited to the type of adventure photographer you want to be. Whether you’re ready to spend money on a piece that will take you from amateur to professional or you’re getting your feet wet (literally) shooting some gnarly waves, you can find your first quality camera here.

Sony Alpha A6000

This camera has mirrorless technology, which means it is less bulky and claims to have the fastest focus function (which is great when you need to get the shot quickly). The Alpha A6000 will fit in your carry-on, and it offers the option of multiple lenses if you want them.

Olympus TG-5

The TG-5 is the best waterproof camera for hikers, backpackers and rock-climbers. It’s lightweight and handles macro and zoomed-out shots equally well, even in low light.


Canon EOS Rebel

The Rebel series offers the best — and best value — entry-level DSLRs. If you’re serious about learning all the ins and outs of a DSLR camera, this one will keep you busy at a reasonable price point. If you’re a checked-baggage traveler anyway, you can afford the space to bring a full lens kit with you.

Fujifilm X100F

Don’t let this camera’s size fool you — it’s compact, but it still has 24 megapixels, fast focus, long battery life and easily accessible settings. There’s a cult following for this retro-style piece, and its many fans will tell you  it’s one of the best professional cameras for street photography.

Akaso EK7000

The reasonably priced Akaso EK7000 shoots in 4K, if you want a great camera for beginners that can handle an afternoon of tumbling in the surf.

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  1. Barbara Jones

    Thanks Mariko…..soo nice of you!!

  2. Thank you very much! I’ve been considering the Akaso for some time. Might jump in for the purchase.

  3. Jennifer Dorr

    Thank you! I am going to Europe in June and wanted to get a camera.

    This helps lots….

  4. Joshua

    The T6 rebel is no longer in production. It was recently discontinued, in early 2018, so you can still find some new ones if you look for them. However, the new T7 rebel is part for part the exact same camera except for the image sensor. The T6 has 18 megapixels, the T7 has 24 megapixels. If you want a new one, go for the T7. If you want a more affordable one, there are a lot of used T6 rebels on the internet.

    • Swapna Dhamdhere at Ebates

      Thanks for sharing, Joshua!