6 Decorative Accessories Your Plants Would Love to Call Home

Our kitchen windowsill is a little full with plant life, but it’s nice to have a mini collection of greenery to tend to. The best part about picking up a new plant is figuring out what container or accessory it’ll call home. Depending on the species, there are hundreds of options out there to choose from. I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites that’ll work for just about anything your green thumb can grow. And, if you pick up one of them, you’ll be earning Cash Back at Ebates while shopping for all the best products.

The Prehistoric Plant Perch

Say that nine times fast. Why stick to basic plant pots when you can treat your greenery to something as cool as this brontosaurus planter? The yellow ceramic is on-trend for spring and summer, and it’ll make for an excellent conversation piece. I’ve been seeing them in a bunch of different colors, including gold-plated options.

The Geometric Gem

I have a huge Tillandsia air plant that would feel right at home in this cool geometric hanger. If you’re unfamiliar with air plants, they don’t require dirt so you can display them just about anywhere. They need a water bath about once a week, but that’s about it. They really are the perfect plants, and this hanger planter is a nice way to show them off.

The Tried-and-True Teardrop

Teardrop ceiling plant hangers are pretty popular for showcasing air plants and succulents, but you can use them for a lot of other plants as well. Cacti, flowers, mosses and vines are all nice options for filling your teardrop habitat. I use white sand in mine, but you can add rocks, dirt or even mulch. It all depends on what plants will call the teardrop home.


The Creative Chalkboard

Why settle for a basic wood plant pot when you can pick up one that doubles as a chalkboard? This functional home decor would make an excellent addition to a large bay window or kitchen sill. What you write is up to you. Maybe some words of encouragement to help your new plants grow?

The Leather-Lover’s Dream

This knotted leather flower hanger is something I’d love to have in my home. Unfortunately, the navy pot and water tray don’t come with your purchase, but that’s the color I’d pick hands down. The designer, based in Portland, Oregon, makes three sizes that can accommodate pots up to 9 inches in width, so you can plant just about anything that would fit in a traditional hanging basket.

The Cotton Classic

Few plant accessories are more classic than the cotton macrame plant hanger. I really like this one because of the weave pattern and the color. Gray is a nice neutral color, so it goes with nearly everything. It’s 6 inches wide, so it’ll fit a decent-size pot. Simple, clean and practical — what more could you ask for?

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