8 Eggstraordinary Easter Egg Decorating Ideas


With Easter just around the corner, many of us are gearing up to do some easter egg decorating. Eggs have been dyed in the traditional spring pastel colors for years, so why not get a bit more creative this year? Glitter, washi tape, and metallic markers have changed the way we decorate eggs. With so many amazing designs, you’ll want to decorate more than the usual dozen! We’ve chosen eight of our favorite designs for you to try, but there are hundreds of creative ways to decorate. On to the eggscellent decorations! (Bad pun – but we had to!)


via Shelterness

Chalkboard paint is such a fun and creative way to spice up a wall, furniture, fall pumpkin and, now, eggs! The DIY gurus over at Shelterness show how to make these delightful eggs that can be redecorated over and over again.


via mom.me

If you want to keep decorating simple but allow for creativity, mom.me shows how easy it is to decorate eggs with permanent markers. The best part is there is little mess and even less clean up!


via DIY Til We Die

Do you love lace? Then these lace patterned eggs from DIY Til We Die will have you excited to break out the vinegar. You can use lace strips or completely cover the egg in lace for different effects.


via Lovely Indeed

The washi tape craze is still going and egg decorating has not been left out! Lovely Indeed explains just how easy it is to grab some tape and scissors and make fabulously festive egg decorations.


via Studio DIY

If you are planning on using eggs only for decoration, these sprinkle eggs from Studio DIY might be perfect for you. While they may look delicious, you definitely don’t want to snack on these eggs!


via Camille Styles

Marble patterns are so pretty and the creative geniuses at Camille Styles show us how to use nail polish to achieve the perfect marbleized eggs. It’s amazing to see just how differently each egg turns out!


via Girl. Inspired.

Is there anything that you can’t decorate with glitter? Maybe, but eggs aren’t one of them! Girl. Inspired. shows off the multiple ways to decorate eggs with a little sparkle (or a lot!)


via Freutcake

While there isn’t a goose that lays golden eggs, you can add a touch of gold to your eggs this year with this how-to from Freutcake! Gold leaf looks amazing over both bright and pastel colors.

With all these amazing tutorials, there is no eggscuse to not decorate eggs this year. (Once we start, we can’t stop!) Let us know in a comment below how you plan on decorating your easter eggs this year!



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