8 Punny Pi Gifts for Math Nerds

8 Punny Pi Gifts for Math Nerds

What is Pi Day? In honor of that famous number starting with 3.14, Pi Day is every March 14. It’s also, coincidentally, Albert Einstein’s birthday, making this hands-down the brainiest day of the year. In celebration, we’ve rounded up some super cute and punny pi gifts from Etsy that you can grab with Cash Back at Ebates! Show the math nerds in your life your Pi Day spirit with one of these eight (3+1+4=8 — get it?) handmade goods.

Pi Plate

One of our favorite Pi Day activities is actually eating pie, so why not get this punny pi plate for those who love dessert as much as they love geometry?

Pi Coffee Spoon

Hopefully it didn’t take you too long to decipher this little pun. Plus, what goes better with pie than coffee?

Magnum Pi Wall Art

8 Punny Pi Gifts for Math Nerds 1The power of a good mustache is as infinite as the digits in pi.

Pi Mug

That morning cup of Joe is always life-giving, especially when it pays you a compliment!

Pi Necklace

This dainty and darling silver necklace is the perfect gift for the girl who has beauty and brains.

Pi Book Art

8 Punny Pi Gifts for Math Nerds 3This is maybe the brainiest gift we have ever seen. Add a little 3D art to their study with this carved book featuring a super cool pi design.

Pi Book Bag

8 Punny Pi Gifts for Math Nerds 2What do nerdy people like better than nerdy gifts? Gifts only they will understand. We’ll give you a cheat sheet: It means, “I ate some pie.”

Pi Bracelet

We adore this brass men’s bracelet featuring the first 108 digits of pi. The cuff is comfortable and adjustable, making it a no-fuss accessory he can wear every day.

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