9 Native-Owned Etsy Stores to Shop on Native American Day

Festival season is coming to a close and Halloween is right around the corner. What do these two things have in common? They both increase the likelihood that you will see a non-Native person donning a headdress and face paint in an egregious act of appropriation. Native American culture is something to celebrate. What better way to do that than supporting Native artists and makers? Native American Day is observed every fourth Friday of September, which makes today the perfect day to treat yourself to Native American stores that sell jewelry, art, accessories and more. Check out these nine Native-owned Etsy stores.


These gorgeous baby moccasins are hand beaded and one of a kind. You can go with a traditional pair like the one here or pairs featuring your favorite superheroes like Batman or Wonder Woman.


This ring is simple while making a statement. Pair this piece with any outfit for just a touch of color.

Zuni Mother Of Pearl Multi Inlay Watch

Jewelry is one way to make a statement but an edgy watch like this is quite another.


It doesn’t get any better than handmade chandelier earrings. They all feature tribal designs and can be custom-made to your liking.


Each smudge stick is made with traditionally harvested organic white sage and roses. Choose your color based on the wishes you want.


Find handmade bags, jewelry and t-shirts at this boutique. This bag, for example, is a traditional, hand-loomed Huichol bag perfect for every day use.


Discover moccasins made with genuine leather and fur in different styles and colors.


White noise is your friend, whether you are trying to drown out a rowdy neighbor or create a relaxing ambiance at home. Enjoy the soothing sounds of rain, ocean waves and thunder — it’s like music to your tired ears.


Sip your way to sleep with this botanical blend of calming herbs. You’ll feel the stress of the day melt away with every warm swallow.

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