9 Steps to Building a Classic Wardrobe


Building a classic wardrobe that is functional, comfortable and fashionable can seem like a daunting task. Rest assured, it’s possible! Having a closet containing clothes that are cohesive and easy to mix and match can help relieve morning stress and future shopping trip frustration. We’ve come up with 9 steps on how to build a classic wardrobe that will keep you looking fashion forward for years to come. Don’t forget to save more while building your wardrobe by shopping with Cash Back at Ebates!

Clean Out the Closet

A cluttered, outdated or messy closet is a major hindrance when building a wardrobe. Donate or toss out items that are worn out, obsolete or don’t fit you any more. Items that are stretched out, faded or pilling should be replaced. Keep in mind that these items can be replaced over a period of time. Don’t feel the need to do a complete overhaul all at once!

Factor in Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays a major role into your wardrobe. Do you work at a desk or are you busy traveling for formal events? Do you like to hike on the weekend or spend lots of time beach side? Every wardrobe is a personal expression of yourself, so make sure to factor your day to day life when buying clothes, shoes and accessories.

Keep it Neutral

While color is essential to fashion, keeping it neutral is one of the most important steps to building a classic wardrobe. Neutral colors consist of black, brown, navy, gray, white, camel, tan and cream. Use neutrals to build up your outfit and add a pop of color or two to finish off the look. Experiment with neutrals outside of pants and tops by adding a neutral coat, purse or shoe.

Back to the Basics

Basics are a stepping stone to a good wardrobe. Every wardrobe has basics, which are items that are worn often and can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces. The essential basics for every wardrobe should include a white button up shirt, classic denim jeans, a little black dress, a neutral blazer, black pumps, neutral flats, a cardigan, a pencil skirt and dress slacks. Once those items are in your closet you can add statement jewelry pieces, a fabulous bag, the perfect evening coat and a go-to date dress.

Layer, Layer, and Layer Some More

Layering effectively has baffled many for ages, but it’s really quite simple! Layering will add character and personality to your outfit and ease the transition from day to night. Add a blazer over a camisole, a blanket scarf over a sweater or a collared shirt under a vest for a top-notch look.

Avoid Trendy Items

Trends are fun but they come and go. The key to building a wardrobe is to pick pieces that are staples. Don’t avoid trends completely, especially if you enjoy them, but be selective and don’t spend too much money on a piece that you won’t wear in two months. Trends will fade, but style is eternal.

A Good Wardrobe is a Balanced Wardrobe

A balanced wardrobe includes a wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories. You’ll want to have attire that works for casual weekend hangouts, the typical work day, an important business conference and a special night on the town. If you open your closet and only see t-shirts and jeans or blazers and pencil skirts, it’s time to consider balancing your wardrobe.

Pay Attention to the Fit

It’s easy to overlook a top that is a little too snug or a pair of jeans that are a tad loose, but avoid this mistake. All your clothing should fit your body and flatter you as well. If you have a great piece that you invested in that can be taken in or let out, find a good seamstress to take care of it.

Let Your Personality Shine

Your lifestyle or job may dictate how you dress daily, but always remember to let your personality shine through. If a plain white v-neck and jeans is too simple for you, add some funky sneakers and a brightly colored scarf with your favorite handbag to add a bit of your personality into your outfit.



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