9 Things You Need If You Are Obsessed With Pokémon GO

Woman smiling at iPhone

It’s the latest craze taking smartphone users to Candy Crush obsessive levels. Pokémon GO has enthralled people of all ages, getting them off of their couches and out of their office chairs to enjoy a little sunshine while capturing mythical creatures and battling complete strangers. You don’t even have to have been a collector of Pokémon cards or an avid watcher of Pokémon movies to be taken over by this mobile phenomenon. If you, or someone you know, are ready to take your playing to the next level, check out these top 10 essentials with Cash Back at Ebates. From showing off your Poké pride to keeping you powered up to catch ’em all, we’ve got you covered so you can become a Pokémon Pro.

Chic Buds Phone Charger

Chic Buds - Slim Power Phone Charger

This is an obvious one but you’d be surprised how you can lose track of time AND battery life while adding to your Pokédex.

Ecco Damara Strap Sandal

Ecco Damara Strap Sandal

People are actually starting to complain about sore feet and knees because they are walking more than ever in search of rare Pokémon. So investing in a cute pair of comfort sandals is key.

3M Safety Vest

Orange safety vest reflective

For the night players, visibility is oh so important. While we encourage you to look up from your phones as much as possible to avoid walking into traffic, making yourself glow also helps. Plus, orange is your color.

Ozark Trail Headlamp

Ozark Trail 150-Lumen Multi-Color Headlamp

You never know when those Pokémon will lead you down some poorly lit streets. Keep it hands-free with a headlamp. If you get weird looks, just tell people you wandered away from your camp ground.

 Charizard Accessory Kit

Pokemon Charizard Accessory Kit costume

We promise you won’t be confused for a virtual Pokémon. No one will try to catch you. AND you’ll look adorable. Do it. Full committal.

SABRE RED Pepper Spray

SABRE RED Red Pepper Spray pink

On a serious note, this game has brought out some unsavory real-life characters. Stay vigilant and protect yourself!

LifeProof FRE Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

LifeProof - FRE Case for iPhone 6 and 6s

Listen, we’re not saying you’re going to fall into a fountain or anything but just in case you get distracted and have a surprise encounter with a body of water, this case will make sure your phone will live another day.


graze chocolate pecan pie snack

If you’re planning for a long day at the PokéGym, it’s important to keep yourself fueled. Don’t forget your graze snacks packed with protein to keep you full and energy-giving, healthy carbs to help you go for Pokémon gold.




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