5 Affordable Ways to Get Your Entertainment Room Game Ready

For sports fans, March Madness is a special time each year. Sure, you could focus all your energy on your bracket, but the games won’t be as exciting if your viewing setup isn’t optimal. These five upgrades are affordable ways to add that special touch to your entertainment space and turn it into the place to watch the madness unfold. And, because you’re shopping with Rakuten, you get Cash Back on all the best products.

Move on up to 4K

First on the agenda is an upgrade to the star of the show: your TV. If you’re still living in a 1080p world, it’s time to make the transition to 4K. OLED and QLED sets are commanding high prices because they’re the latest and greatest in TV tech, but 4K Ultra HD options are incredibly affordable if you’re on a budget. Try this 55” TCL TV with built-in Roku functionality. It’s highly rated and priced just right. Those buzzer beaters will never look better.

Make the games easier on your eyes

This little strip of light is an entertainment room game changer. It can stick to the back of your TV and is powered by a USB port. This backlighting helps to reduce eye strain, and it increases contrast, which ends up making your picture look better. It just might be the best sub-$80 tech upgrade for your man cave.


Select a new sound system

If you’re happy with your TV setup, the next best thing to upgrade in your entertainment room is your sound. Most modern TVs aren’t built to offer a premium sound experience directly out of the box. That’s where a home entertainment system comes in. Long gone are the days of traditional 5-speaker home audio. Today, you can get a high-quality soundbar for a couple hundred dollars like this option from Samsung. It’ll ensure you won’t miss out on any of the action and take your viewing experience to new heights.

Set the ambiance with smart lighting

We covered lighting behind your TV, but what about the rest of your basement, game room or man cave? Smart lighting has come a long way in the past few years, and now you can deck out a whole room with lighting on a dime. These smart LED bulbs from TSV are Wi-Fi enabled and sync up with Amazon Alexa. It’s an easy way to enhance a whole room without breaking the bank.

Take your snack game to the next level

No one wants to sit through a marathon of games without some snacks. Air fryers are becoming more popular by the day as a healthier way to prepare your favorite bites. This option from Best Choice Products is affordable, and it’s a nice size for entertaining small groups of friends. You’ll get all the flavor of your favorite fried foods without the added calories.

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