10 Adorable Pet Costumes for Your Furry Friend

Halloween is truly a family affair, right down to your furry friends. We’ve compiled ten adorable Halloween pet costumes — from over-the-top creations to just a touch of seasonal flair. Below, our favorite pet Halloween costumes, all available with Rakuten.

Avengers Thor

We love that Thor has serious bark with this bold head piece (complete with blonde hair!) and superhero garb. This look gives serious edge to smaller dogs this season.

Black Sparkle Bat Wings Harness

If your pet loathes frilly pieces, here’s a way to celebrate that won’t annoy him or her too much. These sparkly bat wings provide just the right amount of spirit for Halloween night.

Chick Magnet

Nothing is punnier than this costume. No matter your dog, he or she is a magnet for every kind of person, and we all know it’s true.

Cowboy Riders

Let your furry companion ride into the night in this hilarious costume. They’ll have their own cowboy aboard their backs for photo ops galore.

King or Queen

Cats rule the home, and this costume confirms that statement. Let them revel in their rule, and you can succumb to their royalty as they always wish for. 


Woody & Buzz

If you have two dogs, you’re in for a treat. Your best buds can be Toy Story’s best buds in these complementary costumes that will win everyone’s hearts. Find the Buzz Lightyear costume here. If you don’t have a second dog, your furry friend and your kid can match!

Bootique Prisoner

Now this is a costume that will ignite the most thunderous laughter from its onlookers. Charge: Being too cute.

Sushi Dog

This can easily be a sushi-themed family costume! Don your dog in this sushi get-up, while you and your family can be soy sauce, wasabi and other sushi. 

Devil Horns

If your pup isn’t down to get fully decked out, these basic horns are a fun way to amuse trick-or-treaters. Plus, at this price, you won’t care if your pet destroys them.


This sunflower is simple enough that your pet won’t be annoyed of a full costume, but cute enough to brighten up anyone’s day. Just look at that precious face!

Andrea Kasprzak is a writer. She’s fascinated by the imagination, folklore and fantasy, the healing power of art, and finding magic in the mundane. Her playbook, Imagination Transforms Everything, is forthcoming this spring from Seal Press/Hachette Book Group.

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