14 Smart BJ’s Shopping Hacks to Try Next Time

You know and love BJ’s for their great value on everything from groceries to home goods and even health and beauty products. Becoming a BJ’s member offers a lot of great perks, but you don’t actually have to become a full-fledged member to enjoy it all. We’ve got a few secrets and tricks up our sleeves that are sure to make you love this Club even more. Keep reading to find out.

1. Become a BJ’s member.

BJ’s offers three membership tiers: Online Access, Inner Circle and Perks Rewards. Here’s a breakdown of each membership level:

Online Access Membership: Ideal if there is no BJ’s location near you. You will be granted access to member-only online shopping, the mobile app, coupons and exclusive brands. You’ll start with a one-day online pass then be charged $10 per year.

Inner Circle Membership: Ideal to save both online and in-store. You’ll get all the benefits of the Online Access membership, plus a complimentary membership for someone in your household. You can add on three additional household members for $30 each annually. Cost is $55 per year.

Perks Rewards Membership: Ideal if you shop at BJ’s a lot as you’ll get all the same benefits of the Inner Circle membership plus 2% cash back on most BJ’s purchases. Special savings events throughout the year allow you to earn double or triple cash back, and you can enjoy BJ’s Travel perks. Cost is $110 per year.

2. Get an annual membership for just $25.

According to Tasia from My BJ’s Wholesale, you can click through her link to get a BJ’s Inner Circle Membership for just $25 instead of $55. She states that this is for new members only and quantities are limited, so act fast. This deal can end at any time.

3. Bring your manufacturer’s coupons.

Did you know that BJ’s is the only club that accepts manufacturer’s coupons? To make it even better, you can stack those coupons with in-Club BJ’s coupons for even more savings!

4. Add digital coupons to your membership card.

As a BJ’s member, you not only get to save 25% off grocery store prices, you also get to pile on the savings with digital BJ’s coupons. The easiest way to access them is by downloading the mobile app to load digital coupons straight to your membership card.

5. Understand the price breakdown.

Knowing how BJ’s prices their items will help you pay rock-bottom prices all the time. Prices ending in .99 are regular price, while prices ending in .90 or .00 are discounted prices. Unique number codes on price tags also indicate potential sales:

“1” means this is a regular item that is restocked regular.

“2” means this is a discontinued item and it will not be restocked. If it is not making any movement, it will probably go on sale.

“7” means this is only available this one time and won’t be restocked. They’re usually seasonal products.

“9” means it is going back to the manufacturer and will not be restocked.

6. Shop the Berkley Jensen brand for great value.

Berkley Jensen is BJ’s own private brand, and it offers many products with quality that is comparable to its more expensive counterparts. The best part? You’ll save money for essentially the same items!

7. Shop the end caps and avoid middle aisles.

Like at many stores, BJ’s boasts some of its steepest discounts at the end caps of their aisles. On the contrary, middle aisles are where they home the random impulse buys like pajamas, toys and the like. That doesn’t mean these deals aren’t good, but the best buys with the most value lie around the perimeter of the Club.


8. Break it down by unit pricing.

One of the most important things to master when buying in bulk at warehouse stores is comparing unit pricing. Although most bulk products offer a great value, it doesn’t mean they’re always the best value. When buying toilet paper, for example, look at the cost per roll and compare it to what you’d find at a regular-size store to see if you’re getting the best value.

9. Be on your A-game when it comes to seasonal savings.

During the week of a big holiday and especially after it, BJ’s offers impressive discounts on all things seasonal. Shoppers have claimed to save over 75% on their purchases!

10. Choose free same-day delivery when you’re extra busy.

BJ’s makes it convenient for shoppers to get everything they need on their own terms. Enjoy free, same-day delivery in as little as two hours when you shop online at BJs.com but note that there is a $14.99 service fee. Click here to see if Same Day delivery is available in your area.

11. Pickup your order for free in two hours.

Save time and skip the line with free In-Club Pickup. Shop online and select Free Pick Up Today where available. When you get to BJ’s, check in on the app to let them know you’ve arrived. Once you’ve done that, simply head to the Membership Service Desk to pick up your order.

12. Try the Perks Mastercard if you’re a frequent shopper.

If you’re a big-time fan of BJ’s, consider signing up for the BJ’s Perks Mastercard credit card. With this card, you can earn rewards on top of the savings to redeem at checkout. You’ll enjoy benefits like 10 cents off every gallon at BJ’s Gas, 5% cash back on most BJ’s purchases and more. Learn more here.

13. Share the cost of bulk buys.

Although it benefits to buy some necessities in bulk from BJ’s like toilet paper, laundry detergent and garbage bags, sometimes it’s just too much for you or even your family. Here’s a pro tip: Split the cost of an annual BJ’s membership or just the cost of other bulk items. They’re big savings that are always worth it in the end, and you won’t have to worry about wasting any product!

14. Shop with Rakuten.

When shopping online at BJs.com, make sure you activate Cash Back with Rakuten and use your members-only BJ’s coupon codes, so you’re truly getting the best, rock-bottom prices around.

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