Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts For 2022

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, whether it’s by spending extra time with them or getting them a thoughtful gift. It’s always the thought and effort that count, but a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t always need to be flowers or chocolates. Here are some creative gift ideas your partner will find totally surprising — in the best way possible.

Lyrics on Canvas

One of the most magical moments on your wedding day is your first dance. Capture that magic on a canvas with a wedding picture and the lyrics of that romantic song. You’ll always be brought back to that special memory as soon as the song comes on the radio.

Dash Heart Mini Waffle Maker

Valentine’s Day is the time for heart-shaped everything! Surprise your partner with these adorable heart-shaped waffles for breakfast in bed. They’ll be the star of the plate, and you’ll score extra points for cuteness.


Hunt a Killer Blair Witch Box

If you’re looking for a supernatural thrill, this is the gift for you. The Hunt a Killer Blair Witch Box mystery game tasks you with finding a boy who disappeared months ago. You’ll have 10 to 15 hours of mystery to solve together, so this weeklong adventure will bring you closer than ever.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you could give a bouquet of salami? Choose between an arrangement of three or six sausages, and maybe grab some cheese and crackers to accompany the bouquet.

The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition

If you’re looking for more unique, outside-the-box Valentine’s Day activities, consider the Couples Edition of the Adventure Challenge. You’ll be given over 50 surprise date-night ideas to choose from, ranging from painting to a blindfolded baking challenge.

Matching Underwear

Don’t feel ashamed if you love to match each other. MeUndies allows you to get matching pairs of underwear for each other with whatever pattern you want. Might I suggest the penguin pattern?

Personalized Heart Photo and Names Mug

Don’t be afraid to be cheesy with your gifts on Valentine’s Day. Choose your favorite photo of you and your partner to place on this adorable mug. Buy one for them and one for yourself so you can both take it to work and let everyone know you are the cutest couple out there!

Full Support Body Pillow

This pillow has many benefits for side sleepers, but it also makes a great gift since it doubles as a cuddle buddy for your partner whenever you’re apart.

Spinning Heart Messenger

A simple text message may suffice, but you can also give your partner this heart messenger box so they can take it with them wherever they go. It connects to the LoveBox app, so you can send them a lovey-dovey message that will cause the heart to spin.


You can never go wrong with flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but it’s always fun to give something a bit more clever. An added bonus? The Cash Back you’ll earn when you order through Rakuten. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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