How to Find Cute Shoes for Women With Big Feet

Shoes for women

Love shoe shopping but struggle to find stores that carry shoes for women that fit you well? Brands tend to produce the largest quantities of shoes for the most common shoe sizes, which means that if your feet are above average in size or width, finding the styles and sizes of shoes you want can be a labor of love. If you see your shoe size as a pain rather than an asset, it’s time to turn that around!

Having a unique foot size means, when the more common sizes sell out, you can find your size in the styles everyone wants, and likely find it at a discount with coupons and promo codes if you know where to look. Whether you need size 10 and up for shoes, extra wide shoes or wide calf boots, here are some useful tips to help you locate the looks you love without compromising on style or savings.

Macy's Store Front

1. Check out Department Stores: The bigger the store, the better the selection of shoe sizes and widths. Stores that have notoriously glorious shoe departments are especially likely to be able to cater to your wide feet, extra large feet and wider calves.

The Nordstrom shoe department has an incredible section dedicated to finding shoes for your exceptional feet. They make it easy to pamper yourself with the hottest styles in the sizes that will help you stay comfortable.

Macy’s is another good go-to for wide shoes for women. They offer a huge selection of comfortable shoes and boots in tons of styles. Department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom are also a hotspot for finding a shoe promo code to add some extra savings to your footwear purchase. Be sure to activate Cash Back at Ebates to help make your footwear budget go even further!

2. Shop Discount Stores: Discount stores often carry the leftover stock in uncommon sizes from their full price counterparts, which means a veritable jackpot of styles and brands for your unique foot size. No longer will you lament the absence of your shoe size in the styles you want, because at discount stores, the best styles often only appear in extra large sizes.

Whether you’re searching for wide width shoes or wide calf boots, check out for thousands of shoes size 10 and larger in a variety of widths, plus get coupons and fabulous Cash Back at Ebates with every purchase.

Sale tag on a black high heel boot in department store

3. Stock up in Sale Sections: Having extra large or wide feet may seem like a pain, but did you know that it also means you can cash in on deals that many other shoppers can’t take advantage of? Similar to the deals available at discount stores, having a unique foot size is your golden ticket when it comes to major sales at online shoe stores.

If your feet are extra long or wide, there’s a good chance that you’ll be among the lucky few that can take advantage of some seriously awesome deals like a wide shoes promo code. In particular, stay tuned for big seasonal sales events like Memorial Day sales to take advantage of clearance deals on women’s wide shoes and extra wide footwear.

Looking for stylish, comfortable shoes or plus size shoes at a great price? Check out the sale section at ELOQUII for shoes that will fit your feet and flatter your figure. No matter your foot size or width, finding shoes that fit you well in a style that you love should be a pleasure, not a pain. Happy shoe shopping!

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  1. Clementine

    If you’re in Australia, you should look up Rosenberg Shoes in Melbourne. They do large size women’s and men’s shoes for a really good price! Last time I was in, I bought three pairs, (long boots, heels and ballet flats), and have got so many compliments on them!

  2. Thanks so much for pointing out discount stores as a great place to look for uncommon shoe sizes since they carry leftover stock that didn’t sell full price. I am sure that stocking up and buying several pairs when you see some that are available would also be a good option. I would also think that shopping online would be a good idea, since you could potentially order shoes in a wider range of sizes.

  3. Denice

    I like the ideas to find the right size. I realized that if you shop with stores that are more focused on the service industry of retail, they will always find the size you need by ordering it from another location.

  4. I actually was looking 4 something else & saw this about wide r oversized feet. My feet seem to have grown ( I mean n length) which I thought was unusual since they had been the same si z e since high school many moons ago). I’m not even sure wh a t size I wear. But ur info is very helpful. Thankx.