Delightful Dog Gifts Any Furry Friend Will Love


We know how much you love your prized pooch. They are always happy to see you and are always there when you need some slobbery kisses and toothy grins to brighten your day. Your dog gives you the priceless gift of companionship, so why not repay them with some super cool doggie swag? We’ve rounded up some cute dog products you might just have to use to spoil your four-legged friend.

Studded Dog Dish, $20


Let Brutus eat and drink like a true rock star with this edgy dog dish. The chrome finish and studded detailing will remind your pup of the punk glory days of yesteryear, or just remind him that he loves kibble.

Chewy Vuitton Balls, $17


Treat Angel like the fancy princess she is with a little nod to designer fashion they can really sink their teeth into. These dog chew toys will instantly elevate any game of fetch to runways levels of style.

Football Sweater, $22.99

dog_football_sweaterFootball season is upon us but you may want Spike to bundle up in some team-neutral attire. After all, he can’t argue for your favorite team. He’s a dog. Don’t bring him into your football drama.

Doggles, $30

dogglesIf Penny loves sticking her head out of car windows or even taking a dip in the pool, you can protect her peepers in style with an ultra-comfortable pair of Doggles.

Doggie Doorbell, $29.97

doggie_doorbellNo more barking and scratching at the door! Teach Rex some manners by installing an easy-to-use doggie doorbell and give him one more reason to think he is really people.

Umbrella Leash, $15.57


It’s not just cats who hate getting wet. Dogs aren’t total fans of it either. Keep Fifi nice and dry with an umbrella leash. She’ll thank you by not shaking off a bunch of muddy water in the living room.

Easy Treat, $8.29

stuffn_easy_treatNo more begging for your Easy Cheese! Tantalize Bingo’s taste buds with Easy Treat in delectable liver flavor. You can squeeze it over a dog biscuit or into a chew toy (sold separately) for a tasty reward.


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