Distance Learning Supplies Checklist for Every Student

The world is looking a little different right now, and the usual back to school shopping has a different flair, too. With most of our classrooms being brought home for the fall, what do you need to keep your kids focused and ready to learn during the school day? Read on for supply lists for your students of any age in the new age of distance learning.

short arrow Kindergarten

While apps exist for almost anything, even painting or letter spelling, give your student some real life manipulation tools like art supplies and magnetic letters for learning opportunities that can take place offline. Learning to use scissors and glue and practicing writing are important parts of hand eye coordination development. Their normal classroom would give them a lot of choice free play, so have a set of toys that are for school time only. While you’ll probably need to be present more often during a kindergartner’s online classes, a set of comfortable headphones will give you a chance to concentrate during reading or music times. 

black dot  Tablet, case and stand (Our picks: iPad with the Smart Cover and the Logi BASE Charging Stand with Smart Connector)

black dot  Stylus (Our pick: Logitech Crayon)

black dot  Watercolor paints with brush

black dot  Construction paper

black dot  Pencils

black dot  Crayons (Our pick: Crayola Washable Ultra Clean Crayons)

black dot  Magnetic letters and numbers

black dot  Small, portable whiteboard and dry erase markers

black dot  Picture books

black dot  Safety scissors

black dot  Child headphones

black dot  Learning toys (cutting food sets, building toys, pattern blocks, etc.) 

black dot  ABC Mouse subscription

short arrow Elementary School

You’ll be surprised how independent elementary kids can be if they have access to the right tools. As they do more writing online, they’ll need a keyboard. A whiteboard is great for showing the teacher answers during online lessons. 

black dot  Tablet with keyboard (Our picks: iPad with Logitech Slim Folio)

black dot  Paper with wide lines or a primary composition book

black dot  Pencils and sharpener

black dot  Simple calculator (Special mention: We love this Educational Insights See ‘N’ Solve Fraction Calculator)

black dot  Small, portable whiteboard and dry erase markers

black dot  Scissors

black dot  Glue sticks

black dot  Grade-level readers and books (Check out: 11 Best New Children’s Books This Year)

black dot  Desk lamp (Our pick: Students Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp)


short arrow Middle & High School

School supplies get more utilitarian the older they get, but I suggest allowing your teenage children pick out some frivolous “flair” items for school time. They’re missing a lot of the fun and fresh start feelings that a new school year holds, so try to make distance learning feel special, too. This age group is affected the most by the loss of social independence that usually happens at school. Even though they won’t be with their friends in person, a few new outfits helps with more normalcy and they’ll still want to show off their new clothes in class meetings. Students at this age will have more online meetings, so help them set up and decorate a space they feel comfortable sharing with their class when the cameras turn on. 

black dot  Chromebook (Our pick: Lenovo Chromebook Duet With Keyboard)

black dot  Mouse (Our pick: Lenovo Wireless Mouse)

black dot  Mechanical pencils and pens

black dot  Scratch paper

black dot  Graph paper

black dot  Scientific calculator (Our pick: Texas Instruments® TI-34 MultiView™ Scientific Calculator)

black dot  Ruler

black dot  Multi-pocket folders for each subject

black dot  Printer (Our pick: HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Color All-In-One Inkjet Printer)

black dot  Calendar/planner (Our pick: Erin Condren Kids Planner)

black dot  Headphones with microphone (Our pick: Skullcandy Riff On-Ear Headphone)

black dot  Backdrop wall hanging or large posters

black dot  Back to school outfits (Special mention: Check out Gap’s new Teen Collection)

short arrow College

Long hours at the computer are going to be expected this year. They’ll be tuned in with computers for online lectures and completing most of their reading and work online. Make this as easy as possible with an ergonomically supportive desk chair, a desk that can be adjusted for standing or sitting to provide variety during the day and a second screen. This kind of flexibility will help your kids avoid back problems and hunching from day after day at their computer. Similarly, I suggest a set of blue light glasses to reduce retina damage. 

black dot  Comfortable desk chair (Our pick: Realspace® MFTC 200 Mesh Multifunction Ergonomic Mid-Back Task Chair)

black dot  Sit to stand desk converter (Our pick: FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser Sit-To-Stand Desk Converter)

black dot  File organizers and folders 

black dot  Headphones with microphone (Our pick: Jabra Elite Active 65t)

black dot  Planner (Our pick: Erin Condren Tie Dye Metallic Academic Planner)

black dot  Webcam (Our pick: Logitech C920S Webcam)

black dot  Blue light glasses (Special mention: We love the selection of computer glasses from EyeBuyDirect)

black dot  Laptop (Our pick: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook)

black dot  Mouse (Our pick: Logitech M325 Wireless Optical Mouse)

black dot  Second monitor (Our pick: Samsung SF350 24″ LED FHD FreeSync Monitor)

black dot  Mechanical pencils and pens

black dot  Notebooks 

black dot  Printer (Our pick: HP OfficeJet 3830 Wireless All-In-One Instant Ink Ready Inkjet Printer)

Stay safe and shop online with Rakuten for deep savings and Cash Back for everything you need this year. Have a happy distance learning school year!

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