DIY Valentine’s For Kids


Parents, first let us congratulate you on the extra time you happened to stumble upon in order to put any extra thought into your kids’ valentines cards this year. Doing anything other than picking up a box of punch-cut Charlie Brown cards (because Charlie Brown is still totally cool, right?) legitimately makes you a superhero. Let us help you in your quest to make Valentine’s Day too cool for school with these seven super-cute handmade gift ideas.


You Color My World
If you have more than a few broken crayons laying around the house, this Valentine craft is perfect for you. By melting up broken crayons in a heart-shaped silicon mold, you’ve created a colorful gift any child would love. Learn how to make these Heart Shaped Crayons from Cherished Bliss.



“Doh” You Want To Be My Valentine?
These Play-Doh Valentine’s from Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM are a great alternative to chocolate or candy. Another alternative is to make your own Play-Doh with your child and put them into plastic containers. Feel free to add sparkles!


lightsaber valentine

May The Force Be With You On Valentine’s Day
Let your tiny Jedi be the talk of the classroom with this Star Wars Valentine from Brassy Apple. Add a glowstick to this simple Valentine’s card and it’s now transformed into a glowing lightsaber.



Our Class Would Knot Be The Same Without You
If your child loves to make friendship bracelets (or you don’t mind helping them learn), this DIY craft is unique and special. Friendship Bracelet Valentines from Dandee Designs is a bit more time-consuming than the other crafts, but definitely will be a hit among the classroom.



Follow The Trail To My Heart
If your child is allowed to bring snacks for Valentine’s Day, opt for this yummy and healthy trail mix! A Spicy Perspective has ideas on how to perfectly make the Homemade Trail Mix Valentine Snack, complete with cute bird!



Be Mine Craft-y
Kids love Minecraft, that is a fact. So these adorable Minecraft Valentines from Lolly Jane are perfect for boys who complain about how “girly” Valentine gifts are. If that’s too much work, fill the bag with bricks and instructions with how to DIY their own.



You Blow My Mind
To finish off the list, we’ve taken a cue from wedding receptions and love the idea of bubbles. Bubble Valentines from Pretty Prudent are super easy to whip up. Best of all, these bubbles don’t make a mess!


Which of these DIY Valentine’s are perfect this year for your kids? Comment below!

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