Dorm Room Decor Essentials to Create an Inspiring Space

Modern decor college dorm room

When it comes to the college experience, it is hard to overstate the importance of dorm room décor. The classic college dorm room is usually cramped, awkward and short on privacy, but one thing it does offer is a blank slate for self-expression. A dorm room has to be a lot of things at once: a bedroom, living room, study spot, closet and sometimes even a kitchen. To cram all that function into one space while maintaining comfort and a sense of style can be hard. So we’ve put together a list of dorm room essentials and unique finds to inspire you. It’s also important to not break the bank on dorm room decorations. While you look through our dorm room ideas, remember that you can earn Cash Back on all your dorm furniture when you shop with Ebates. Get the dorm room decor you need without draining your savings. Now that’s a class act!

Himalayan Ionic Salt Lamp

Himalayan Glow Medium Ionic Natural Salt Crystal LampWhen space is at a premium, it’s important to make sure everything you decorate with is multi-functional. When heated, this hand-carved Himalayan salt crystal lamp glows with a beautiful natural light and emits negative ions that help clear the air and dilute odors. A bedside lamp that neutralizes your roommate’s gym socks? Genius.

Emoji Pillow

Emoji Pillow – Nerd

There’s no reason your dorm bedding has to be super serious. This comfy, squishy pillow from Sears is not only the perfect size for a dorm bed, but it’s a quirky way to express yourself in an unmistakable way and show off your silly side.

Sunset Tapestry

Pink Sunset Tapestry

Use this handmade fine art photography print as a bedspread, wall hanging or curtain and bring the beauty of nature inside. Shop Etsy for unique handmade goods and tons of other bedroom ideas and use a bedroom décor promo code from Ebates to save on everything you buy.

Nebula Duvet Cover

nebula duvet coverAn ultra soft microfiber blanket that’s easy to wash and features a photo of distant planets is an amazing way of bringing space into your dorm room. Literally.

Gold Diamond Throw Blanket

Gold Diamond Throw Blanket

Show ‘em what a gem you are with this custom gold sparkle fleece blanket. Snuggle up while you make a statement.

Dots and Feelings Stapler

Polka dot stapler

Desktop essentials can double as décor if you find one with enough style, like this cute stapler that’s practically a work of art. Find this and more desk friends at ModCloth.

Alma Otter Tape Dispenser

Otter Tape Dispenser

Who said a tape dispenser can’t be impossibly cute? Get a case of the warm fuzzies every time you need tape and spread some smiles in your dorm room with this unique tape dispenser.

Brilliant Resilience Hoop Art

Life is tough but so are you hoop wall art

Not only is this itty bitty wall art adorable and dorm-sized, but it might just help you stay motivated during late night cram sessions.

Simple By Design LED Desk Lamp

Simple By Design LED Desk LampTalk about multi-purpose, this battery-powered lamp doubles as an emergency charging station for two phones and even has a dish to hold paperclips or keys.

Mountain Wall Decal

Mountain Wall Decal

Removable wall art like vinyl wall decals are a great, temporary way to decorate without damaging walls. Even if you can’t paint or hang pictures, you can easily put up movable décor wall stickers and then take them down later.



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