7 Game-Changing Fitness Wearables

Happy sporty woman using smart watchNow that spring is here, everyone is starting to think more about getting out and active. If you’re like most of us, having a reminder to get up and get moving is a great way to keep up with your fitness goals. Wearable devices make this incredibly easy thanks to modern motion sensing technology in most of today’s wearables. Trying to find the perfect fitness tracker to pair with your exercise regimen of choice? Take your health and strength to the next level with one of these seven top fitness wearables and get Cash Back at Ebates!

Fitbit Flex

Black Fitbit Flex fitness tracker wearableFirst in its class when it comes to both style and function, the Fitbit Flex is the perfect wearable technology to get you motivated and help you meet the mark when it comes to staying active. As an extra bonus, the Fitbit Flex will even track your sleep patterns to help you look and feel your best! Keep an eye out for a wearable promo code online at Best Buy and be sure to activate Cash Back at Ebates for even more savings.

Microsoft Band 2

Black Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker wearableA seamless combination of connectedness and sports-appeal, the Microsoft Band 2 will make you wonder how you ever lived without wearable tech. Can’t decide between the many smart watches and other fitness wearables on the market? Try out the Microsoft Band 2 and get the best of both worlds! Head online to the Microsoft Store and get ready to rock your workout and anything else that the day throws your way.

UP by Jawbone

Black UP by Jawbone fitness tracker wearableSlim and sleek, the fashionable UP by Jawbone is equal parts wearable art and fitness tracker. With a motion and sleep tracker packed into this lightweight bracelet, you can pair the UP with their powerful app to give you a full picture of your daily activity. Offered in several colors, the UP by Jawbone is available from multiple stores online.

Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit black fitness tracker wearableLightweight, water resistant and ready for anything, the Samsung Gear Fit features live updates on a screen that’s easy to see regardless of whether you are exercising during the day or at night. Check it out online at Samsung and enjoy the savings as you score cool Cash Back at Ebates.

Garmin Vivoactive Sports SmartWatch

Black Garmin Vivoactive Sports Fitness SmartWatchUltra-thin and with a high-resolution touchscreen, the Garmin Vivoactive Sports Fitness SmartWatch is an incredible wearable that even supports biking, swimming and golfing. Pair it with your smartphone to track your fitness milestones or get updates while you’re out and about. Get it now and be sure to look for a fitness wearable promo code before you check out!

Apple Watch Sport

Black Apple Watch Sport fitness tracker wearableHave trouble fitting exercise into your busy schedule? The Apple Watch Sport is the ultimate wearable tech in a sea of smart watches. The Apple Watch will help you get fit and stay connected with all the other important stuff going on in your work and personal life. Head online to Sam’s Club to pick yours out today!

LG Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker

LG Lifeband Touch black fitness tracker wearableNever miss a beat with the Lifeband Touch Activity Tracker wearable from LG. This touch screen wearable tech syncs wirelessly with your smart phone and Bluetooth earpieces to power your workouts with the music you love or to seamlessly connect your calls.


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