Rack It Up With Rakuten & Get $10 When You Spend $25

You’re probably here because you have an amazing friend who loves you enough to tell you all about Rakuten and their most favorite thing in the world: Cash Back. When you join Rakuten, you’ll never pay full price again*. Plus, you’ll get a $10 bonus once you spend your first $25 with us, and your friend gets $25 from us as a “thanks for sharing” gift.  

This year, vow to be open and accepting of new ideas and give Rakuten a try. You never know just when it can get you out of a sticky situation…

Imagine this: You’re trying really hard to eat healthier this year, but it’s been a long day at work and you have no motivation to cook even that HelloFresh meal. Today is testing you.

Rakuten to the rescue. You have two easy options, and both will earn you Cash Back. Order a tasty salad or a yummy grain bowl through Grubhub or Caviar to keep riding the health train. Or, shoot a text to your fellow workout buddy and choose from thousands of healthy restaurants on Rakuten Dining, where you can get 5% Cash Back on top of tax and tip when you dine at a participating restaurant. *Immediately downloads the Rakuten App.*

Imagine this: There’s a three-day weekend coming up, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get away and relax. However, after the holidays, your wallet’s a bit barren.

Oh, what is this Rakuten Travel & Vacations section? Is that Cash Back on flights, hotels and car rentals I see? Yes, it is. Browse our travel partners like Orbitz, Travelocity, Priceline and more to get a deal that fits your budget and vacation dreams. Happy affordable travels, my friend.

Imagine this: It’s the day before Valentine’s Day. You completely forgot and it’s your significant other’s favorite holiday out of all the holidays. She has emailed you links and randomly AirDropped photos of the necklace she wants, every day for the last 98 days. It’s too late to order online now. You’re dead meat.

But you get a push notification from the Rakuten App, reminding you that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and it actually isn’t too late. Why? Because Rakuten offers In-Store Cash Back. You make a mad dash to the mall and make a beeline to kate spade new york. You grab the last necklace in stock, and then make sure you’ve linked the In-Store Cash Back offer in your Rakuten account before heading to the register.

It’s yours. You live another day, and with Cash Back to ease the pain.  

Imagine this: You’re going out with your friends for St. Patrick’s Day. They want to get matching leprechaun shirts from Target. You think that’s dumb. Your friends continue to nag you about it, crossing their fingers you’ll cave at any second.

You cave. We all knew it. You hop onto Target.com, and the Rakuten Button pops up to remind you to activate Cash Back, so you do. You find the shirt, add it to your cart and check out. Well, that was easy, and you got the sweetest deal. You share your Refer-A-Friend link in your group chat before – knock on wood – someone shops without Rakuten. *Gasp*

So, there you have it. Rakuten just saved you from four stressful, potentially awkward and boring situations. Plus, we’re working hard to offer more opportunities to earn Cash Back no matter where you go and what you’re doing. We know you’ll love Rakuten; just ask our 13 million members, including your friend. Enjoy a $10 Bonus from us when you join Rakuten and spend $25!

 *Earn Cash Back at over 2,500 participating merchants.

Since our founding in 1997, Rakuten has helped shape the way people shop online, offering Cash Back, deals and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services. To date, our 12 million members in the U.S. have earned over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores.

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