Getting Ready for the OTHER Big Gift Season with FTD

At last June has arrived, and with it, the start of summer. It’s a big season for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and housewarmings – all great reasons for showing the special people in your life how much you care. And among these special occasions, two stand out as particularly fun gifting opportunities: graduations and Father’s Day.

FK497_330x370The Class of 2013
Make Their Graduation a Day to Remember

What a day! They’re saying “good-bye” to one part of their life, and saying “hello!” to the next all accompanied by the requisite pomp and pageantry and gushing parental pride. Traditionally, it’s a jumble of mixed feelings−elation in a successful job done, sadness for the end of a happy time, excitement at what’s to come next.


How do you appropriately mark a day this important and celebrate the graduate at the center of it all? Flowers are always welcome and a brilliant pick that honors the departing student and their alma mater is a bouquet from the FTD College Roses Collection. These beautiful, bi-colored roses come in the official colors of over 50 schools. Another colorful choice is the Way to Go Graduate Rainbow Rose Bouquet created especially to make an indelible impression and happy memories.


And if you want to present them with a great way to savor and preserve those memories, consider the Personalized Dream & Believe Graduation Wood Frame for displaying a photo of the day’s special moments.


One of the nicest ways to wish a graduate success is with the Peace & Prosperity Braided Money Tree  that blooms with your hopes for happiness or treat them to a sampling of appetite appeal with the Mrs. Fields® Graduation Hat full of the world’s most acclaimed cookies. Or take the celebration to its ultimate expression with a luxury treat of our Celebrate with Dom Perignon & Godiva® gift combo−which is also perfect for honoring over-21 graduates, along with their persevering parents.


Father’s Day 2013
Honoring the Big Guy. Big Time!

Right now, in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, folks everywhere are wondering what to get dad? Searching for inspiration they ask, “what does he need?” or, “what does he want?” or, “what gift will convey how much we love him?” or, “what can we afford?” No wonder Father’s Day neckties and golf balls became favorite gifting clichés!


This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16th. Anticipating our customers search for Father’s Day gifts that combine originality, creativity and the making of happy memories, FTD offers a great selection with plenty to please practically every pop, big time.

Since FTD has been the top name in flowers for over 100 years, let’s start by debunking the obvious fallacy … real men DO like real flowers. You think that just because they’re guys they don’t go for big, beautiful, colorful, attention-getting demonstrations of love? Even if they’ll never admit, MEN LIKE GETTING FLOWERS. And if it’s a bouquet from our College Roses Collection and they come in the colors of the college team he loves best, then these flowers are a made to order choice for the big guy.


Other inspired ways to celebrate dear old dad are the Nuts for Him gift basket chock full of treats that will make his day, or you can pay tribute to his culinary skills with the Happy Father’s Day Barbeque Gourmet Gift Basket overflowing with everything he needs to take his grilling to a whole new level.

Is he a golfer? Then dress up his desk with Dad’s Big Day Father’s Day Gift, a flourishing plant in an oversized golf ball planter, or give him an assist for his own dressing up with Personalized Elite Collection Silver Engraved Cufflinks customized with his initials so he’s knows they’re for him alone.


One final bit of advice – don‘t wait until the last minute to order. Ordering in advance (for arrival on the date you choose) will help assure that the items you order will be available and ready for delighting grad or dad on their special day.

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