Top Toys Gift Guide: Best Selling Toys of 2016

Gift Guide: Top Best Selling Toys of 2016

From Toys R US to Target, retailers this year pulled out all the stops by creating some of the most inventive and curious kids toys on the market. There are eggs that hatch into blended animals, caterpillars that teach kids to code, and mini-trucks that dispense flavored lipgloss. With an endless array of gift ideas for kids, finding that popular or educational toy for your child is tough. Luckily, we have curated a list of this year’s top toys for kids – complete with Cash Back at Ebates — so you can focus on perfecting your holiday season!

Hatchimals, $49.99

Hatchimals toys

The hottest new toy on the market, this furry little creature is a surprise until it hatches, keeping your kids guessing until the first crack.

Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace, $39.99

Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace

Spanning more than four feet wide, this beautiful play set comes with all the ballrooms and baubles to make your child’s princess palace dreams come true.

Sky Viper V2400HD Streaming Video Drone, $99.99

Sky Viper V2400HD Streaming Video Drone

Let your kid show off her filming skills with this high flying drone. Up, up, and away!

Shopkins Happy Places Miniature Decor with Popette and Puppy Parlor Petkins – Happy Home, $25.99

Shopkins Happy Places Miniature Decor

Bursting with cute furniture, happy Shoppies, and adorable Petkins, this puppy parlor toy will keep the kiddies endlessly entertained.

Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart, $37.99

Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart

Perfect for all the little doctors-to-be, this top toy comes with a light and sound patient scanner, a talking EKG area, and even its own patient, Findo.

Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Play Set, $59.49

Paw Patrol Monkey Temple Play Set

Complete with lights, sounds, a trap door, and Mandy the Monkey, this play set takes jungle adventures to new heights.

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy, $49.99

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy

No slobber, shedding, or barking! Just maximum cuteness. This fully interactive little puppy will melt your heart.

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck, $27.99

Num Noms Lip Gloss Truck

What could be cuter than a mini lip gloss maker? A mini lipgloss-making ice cream truck, of course! Pick your favorite flavors, blend with glitter dust, and serve. Yum!

Speak Out Game, $19.99

Speak Out Game

This game takes Chubby Bunny to hilarious new levels with its mouthpiece challenge games. Even your teenagers will like it.

Shopkins Tall Mall Playset, $24.99

Shopkins Tall Mall Playset

When your Shoppies get bored of their Happy Homes, they can pop over to the mall, complete with a food court and home & garden section. Adorable!

Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar, $37.96

Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar

Start your kids coding careers early with this little bug’s removable coded parts.

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon, $62.42

FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin Dragon

With over 50 sounds and motions, this fluffy fire breather will light play time up. Literally.

Simon Air Game, $14.99

Simon Air Game

Who knew this thing was still around? This revamped version has even more features with motion sensors to swoop up high scores.

Furby Connect Friend, $89.99

  Furby Connect Friend

More terrifyingly adorable than ever before, the newest version of Furby features a light-up antenna that connects to smartphones for music and videos.

CHiP the Lovable Robot Dog, $199.99

CHiP the Lovable Robot Dog

This uniquely programed pup responds to your kid’s personal play style, so no two pups are ever alike.

Star Wars First Order TIE Pilot Sixth Scale Figure, $219.95

Star Wars First Order TIE Pilot Sixth Scale Figure

For all the little star wars fanatics, this TIE Pilot action figure comes with full battle gear and its own hex stand.


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