How to Add Summer Spice to Your Living Room

After wrapping up spring cleaning, I’m ready to jump into summer decorating. At our house, summer is a time when friends and family come to visit and we host dinner parties that extend way past our kids’ bedtimes. Summer is when our door is always open to welcome in both the ocean breeze and friends who stop by to drop off seasonal fruits or come for an extended stay. With simple changes to our living room decor that won’t break the bank, I can make my favorite room in the house inviting while keeping a summer vibe.

Bring the Color Inside

Rust-oleum metallic spray paint

One of my favorite things about summer is how colorful everything is. The flowers are in full bloom, the trees have fruit on them and our gardens are overflowing — not to mention all the trips to the ocean and amusement parks and, oh, the drawn-out pink-and-orange sunsets. If you have the stamina to paint a wall or two, we say, “Go for it!” But if you just want a pop of color, spray paint can turn old, boring objects into something great. For example, you can spray paint the base of an old lamp or a vase that hasn’t been used lately. Adding pops of color will make your living room design look fresh and modern.

Make Seasonal Curtains (Don’t Be Intimidated; I Promise It’s Easy!)

snuggle flannel pineapple print fabric

You may not want to have pineapple-print curtains all year round (although if you do, I won’t blame you), but, during the summer months, why not? We love this pineapple-print fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and, with some Clip Rings, you can DIY your summer curtains with minimal sewing involved.


Bust Out the Cookbooks

I love cooking. During the summer months, I have a few cookbooks I use constantly, such as my ice-pops, smoothies and ice-cream cookbooks. I take some of my summer cookbooks off of my bookshelf and put them in a picnic basket or on a bright serving tray on my coffee table. Making my cookbooks accessible to my guests makes for great conversations, and also gives me an idea of what people like to eat.


Indulge in the Little Things

What are some things that remind you of summer? For me, it’s pools, fireflies and pineapples. When I see or smell a pineapple, I am often transported to some summer memory. I like to decorate with the things that evoke emotion. As you can tell by my DIY curtain print, I love pineapples so much that during summer I like to have pineapple-scented candles or pineapple votives around the house. They bring a smile to my face.

pineapple votive

Summer is a time I can relax, when our house doesn’t have to be in perfect order to sustain the business of the school year. At the same time, I want our home to feel fresh and upbeat, and with a few little changes to our living room decorations I can make it happen!

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