How to Display Flowers in Creative, Budget-Friendly Ways This Spring

The sun is shining. The bees are buzzing. The trees are lush with leaves. Spring is in full bloom, and we couldn’t be more excited for warm days, breezy nights and splendid blue skies. And since April showers bring May flowers, we’re getting ready for lots of lovely floral scenes ⁠— gorgeous gardens and beautiful vases full of wild bouquets. Want to know how to display flowers in creative ways by using things you may already have around the house? Take a deep breath (enjoy the fragrant freshness!) and browse on for aesthetic inspiration.

Rain-Boot Planter

Want to greet guests with a charming flower display on your porch or by your front door? This is one of our favorite flower decoration ideas: Turn an old pair of bright yellow rubber rain boots into a kitschy-cute planter. First, use a screwdriver or drill to make one or two drainage holes in the soles of each shoe, then stuff them with sand and pebbles for stability. Finally, layer in sufficient soil and plant your blooms.

totes Cirrus Charley Toddler Waterproof Rain Boots

Pitchers and Glasses

Don’t have a traditional vase handy? There are loads of vessels that will serve the same pretty purpose. You can put a small bunch in a crystal drinking glass or a whole fistful in a carafe or pitcher.

Longchamp Cristal D’Arques Pitcher

Teapot and Cups

Want to make a sweet centerpiece for a spring fling at home? Put some spritz roses (or bloom of choice) in a charming teapot. You can also put miniature spring flower arrangements in coordinating teacups.

BonJour Ceramic Teapot with Infuser

Decorated Mason Jars

Glass mason jars make fabulous vases on their own, but if you want to up the ante, take on a little craft project. Paint it on the inside — it’s easy. Pour some acrylic pastel paint in your mason jar and swirl it around. Once the entire interior surface is covered evenly, turn the jar upside down and allow the excess paint to drain on a rag. Consider tying rope or twill around the rim. Note: You might not be able to fill it with water, so this is best used for faux arrangements.

Michael’s Exclusive Ball® Anniversary Edition Mason Jar


Champagne Bucket

Have an expensive champagne bucket that’s been collecting dust in storage? Take it out of wedding-present purgatory and use it as a unique vase. It definitely makes a statement and is a fabulous way to present spring flower arrangements.

Midcentury Pommery Champagne Bucket

Boxes, Baskets, Crates and Totes

You can make a flower display out of just about anything. Put freshly picked flowers in baskets and crates, or hang them up in reusable canvas totes before transporting them to vases with water.

Willow Rectangular Wicker Storage Baskets with Handles

Boat and Tote, Open-Top

Upcycled Wine Bottles

Have a favorite wine or champagne? Once you’ve poured out the last glass, upcycle the bottle and turn it into a unique vase. You can do this with all sorts of glass containers; perfume bottles make exquisite floral displays for vanities and bathroom shelves, too.

Le Labo Santal 33 Eau de Parfum

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