How to Get Your Skin Ready for Your Wedding Day

How to Get Your Skin Ready for Your Wedding Day
Finding an amazing makeup artist is just one step toward getting gorgeous skin on your wedding day. The real work comes during months of skin care, diet and exercise. The good news is that you easily can achieve luminous results with a few simple tweaks. Here’s a plan that will result in your best skin ever.

1. Start Drinking More Water — Immediately

Yes, it’s the oldest advice in the book, but water maintains moisture and increases skin elasticity, and it will combat skin problems such as wrinkles and eczema. Force yourself to take water breaks at work, and keep a glass by your nightstand. And, if you’re bored by water, make it fun: Get in the ritual of having water with lemon when you wake up. Drinking more water will change the way your skin looks more than anything else.

2. Pay Attention to Your Diet

You are what you eat, so revamping your diet will make a more dramatic change than any expensive skin cream. Experts advise paying extra attention to your diet in the months leading up to the big day. Keep a food journal describing how you feel after eating. Do you notice certain foods making you feel sluggish? Pay attention to how your skin reacts to the new diet. Cut out carbs, sugars and animal proteins; fruits and veggies have all the minerals, nutrients and antioxidants you need to glow from the inside.

3. Stick to a Routine

Planning a wedding means you’ll be busier — and more stressed out — than ever. Set your alarm for five minutes earlier than usual and block off an extra five minutes at night to commit to a strict skin-care routine. Invest in a good mask tailored to your skin’s needs and use it every Sunday night. Julia Noik, founder of organic beauty line African Botanics, suggests doing this at least two to three months before your wedding.

4. Commit to Exercise You Enjoy

Exercise increases blood flow, nourishes skin cells and carries away waste products. Working up a sweat revs up collagen production and is on par with getting a facial, experts say. If you have only three spare minutes in the morning, begin your day with cat-cow pose: inhale, lift your chest and butt, and drop your belly. Then exhale, drop your head and curl in your navel. Do it fast! Yogis say the anti-aging benefits of this pose are in the speed.

5. Book a Facial

A month before your wedding, book a facial. It will increase circulation and decrease waste (which causes puffiness) under your skin. It also will cleanse your pores on a deeper level and can help even your skin tone and lighten dark spots.

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