How to Hunt Down Deals on Home Appliances

Whether your ancient appliances finally bit the dust or you’re just looking to upgrade to the latest high-tech models, purchasing new appliances is a pricey investment. But don’t be fooled by flashy ads and over-the-top bells and whistles. Instead, allow us at Ebates to do what we do best and guide you through ways to get the best appliance deals from the top appliance stores. This is a big purchase and it’s a great way to earn a nice Big Fat Check for your efforts. Naturally, you’ll want to start your mission at Ebates so you can earn Cash Back on that new washer, refrigerator or stove. We work with top home appliance stores to get you the best deals. We also have a few tricks up our sleeves that will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Woman in plaid shirt and a red manicure pen writing in a notebooMake a List

These days, you can buy a refrigerator with smart home features. It sounds like something out of a futuristic movie and it might be something you’d love to own, but it’s not something you necessarily need. You might drool over a six-burner commercial grade oven, but frankly, your kitchen cabinets just can’t accommodate such a beastly appliance. Prioritize a list of needs and wants with a specific budget in mind. With the right home appliance deals, you’ll be able to tick off all of your needs, and hopefully even a few wants.

Get Competitive Pricing

The size of the internet pays off when it comes to competitive pricing. Since stores aren’t just competing with the local store down the street, you’ll find great prices from all of the top home appliance stores and even a few you may have never heard of before. Ebates gives you an easy-to-use list of stores to compare when you’re shopping, along with home appliance coupons available on many top sites. Don’t forget to calculate your Cash Back earnings into your savings so you get the best deal.

Find Scratch & Dent Savings

If you’re not bothered by a little cosmetic damage, you can find additional savings. Shipping and storage sometimes results in scratches and dents that make home appliances less than pristine. These often minor marks mean savings for you and sometimes aren’t even visible once they make it into your home. Simply type “scratch and dent appliance” into the search tool on a retailer’s site. Lowe’s deals include scratch and dent savings of up to 30% on dryers, refrigerators and more.

Close up calendar of September 2016Know When To Buy

If you’re ready to invest in a new major home appliance or two, you’re going to want to shop at the time that warrants the best deals. Like any other major purchase, that time is when they’re rolling out the latest models. That means September and October are among the best times to buy last year’s models at the best prices. You can also find great deals and an exclusive promo code to use around minor federal holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Combine these sales with Ebates Cash Back and you’re sure to make the most of any sale on appliances.

Find Value in Reviews

The greatest gift of internet shopping is the ability to get peer reviews and these reviews are valuable. While you’re shopping for the latest Best Buy deals, comb through reviews to see what users like and dislike about a specific appliance. After all, if a home appliance has a known problem that is going to require a lot of time, energy and money, that extra hundred dollars you saved off of the retail price won’t result in any savings in the end.

Keyboard with Money back text on button, rasterBe on the Lookout for Rebates

Many manufacturers offer rebates for buying select home appliances. They may be encouraging the sale of a single item or pushing the package unit but the savings can really add up. Appliances Connection has a simple ordering process that allows you to choose appliances based on the package rebate offer. These rebates can be worth several hundred or even a thousand dollars but by nature require payment upfront so be prepared to shell out the cost in advance.

Skip the Extras

Since you don’t have a pesky sales rep standing over your shoulder, it’s easier to decline the costly extras. Sure, that bold colored washer and dryer set might make laundry a little less boring but if the pop of color is coming at a price, it’s not worth it. You can also skip the extended warranty, which research has found to not be worth the extra expense.

Don’t Forget Delivery

When you’re calculating savings, don’t forget to include the cost of shipping or delivery. Many retailers feature shipping savings for home appliance purchases. These savings may be offered year-round or only during their holiday sales events.

With Ebates on your side, you can get a fantastic deal on a great new appliance or maybe even a room full of appliances. And while you’re bragging to your friends about your fancy new dishwasher, make sure they know Ebates helped you get the best home appliance deals around.



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