How to Plan and Save on Your Summer Vacation with Rakuten

It’s finally April, which means summer will be here before you know it. If you want to go on vacation this summer, it’s best to start planning now. The more prep time you have, the less stressful it will be before the trip starts. Here’s how to plan your trip using Rakuten. 

You can earn Cash Back on more than just fashion and electronics with Rakuten. We also have an entire Travel category. You can still book your trip online the same way you always have, but, like at any other store, you can go through Rakuten to earn Cash Back on almost any kind of booking at these travel sites. Getting some nice savings can help you enjoy your trip even more. 

If you don’t plan to pay ahead for your travel, don’t fret. Cash Back is generally paid out after the trip has been completed, so it won’t affect your earnings whether you pay now or later.

Hotels and Rentals

One of the first things you’ll need to book is a place to stay. Whether you’re choosing between a traditional hotel or a vacation house for your huge family or group — and no matter how modest or luxurious you want — you can earn Cash Back on your booking. Here’s a list of some hotel and rental booking sites on Rakuten.



IHG Hotels and Resorts

Holiday Inn by IHG

Holiday Inn Express by IHG

MainStay Suites by Choice Hotels

Extended Stay America




Flights and Packages

Summer road trips always sound like a great idea, but high gas prices can quickly eat into your budget. No matter how much your husband insists on it, you can’t drive everywhere. Rakuten has many travel partners that can take the pain out of all aspects of your trip, offering both flight options and hotels. Another way to save a bit more: Book your travel as a package and get Cash Back on top of it.




Park ’N Fly







Car Rentals

Last but not least is your transportation. Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft work in some destinations, but the costs can add up quickly. Renting a car gives you the reins to explore whenever and wherever you want. Just like booking a hotel room or flight, getting Cash Back for your car rental is as easy as clicking the “Shop Now” browser extension on the rental site of your choice.







We hope you book your next vacation using Rakuten to earn some sweet Cash Back. If you’re looking to book or have already, check out our list of the best luggage and bags to use this year. Go ahead and book your dream vacation. Have a safe trip and happy shopping!


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