How to Plan and Host a Virtual Bridal Shower

You’ve been dreaming of the perfect bridal shower since you were a little girl: flowers, frocks, cupcakes, champagne and a pile of presents separating you and your gal-pal guests. Unfortunately, you may have to compromise this dreamy vision in light of Covid-19 restrictions. Instead of gifts separating you and your loved ones, it’ll more likely be a computer screen. Sigh.

Planning a virtual bridal shower certainly doesn’t sound ideal, but it’s the best way to keep yourself and your friends and family safe and healthy. And although it may not be the traditional route, it can still be incredibly special.

With that in mind, we’re sharing how to host a virtual bridal shower. From invites to party favors, there are ways to infuse creativity and love into every step of your gorgeous (albeit virtual) event.

Step 1: Send Virtual Bridal Shower Invitations

We’ve all become a little too familiar with Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime and every other video-chat service available on our phones, tablets and laptops. Although logging on to a “conference” with friends and family may be the new norm, your online bridal shower is anything but ordinary. Treat it like the special occasion it is from the get-go by sending beautiful and personal invitations.

You can maintain a formal touch by sending physical invitations (check out Minted’s stunning collection) or go paperless with virtual options. Whatever you choose, don’t send a plain old email or text; your bridal shower is much too important. Tip: Be sure to ask for RSVPs too.

Step 2: Create a Theme

Since you and your attendees will be celebrating together in your respective homes, tie it all together by establishing a theme for your virtual bridal shower. Whether it’s quirky and kitschy (e.g. 1980s attire or tropical vibes) or something a bit more sophisticated (e.g. a tea-party affair), having a theme will help guide you and your friends through the flow of an online event.

That said, don’t expect your guests to read your mind. Be clear in your instructions. Are they supposed to dress a certain way? Should they eat “with” you? Help them anticipate what’s to come. Consider sending a signature cocktail recipe ahead of time so you can toast together and sip in synchrony. 

Step 3: Set the Scene

Once you’ve determined your theme, get some party decor to set the scene. Find a physical or virtual backdrop, get some accessories and don’t skimp on fresh flowers. While you’re at it, take your lighting into account. This may be an online affair, but it’s your moment and you’ll want to look your best. Find a spot in the house that gets good natural light—or consider treating yourself to a ring light. (Hey, the bride needs to shine!)


Step 4: Virtual Bridal Shower Games

You can still play all the sweet and silly bridal shower games you hate to love and love to hate. There are multiple ways to do this. The simplest option? Find a bingo or trivia template on Pinterest to email to guests in advance. There are virtual services you can use for group games, but printable options are best for tech-challenged guests. (You don’t need to be troubleshooting during your bridal shower.)

Another idea? Have everyone email a funny story about you or a nugget of marital advice to read aloud. You can also have a friend coordinate this part.

Step 5: Get Tangible Gifts and Give Tangible Favors

Don’t be shy; add your registry to your paper or virtual invitation. Many guests will send gifts directly to your home. If you want to maintain the tradition of opening them in real time, go for it! If you welcome the opportunity to spare yourself the awkwardness of oohing and ahhing over the very items you asked for, that’s fine too. You do you; open gifts or don’t bother. 

Either way, providing tangible favors to the friends and family members who showed up to shower you with love is a great way to express your gratitude. Deliver them to your guests’ doorsteps in the evening or send them in the mail a few days after your party. Keep with your theme or send a more traditional option—a cupcake and a handwritten note will do the trick too. Nowadays, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Final Thoughs

Your bridal shower is probably not what you envisioned, but it can still be awesome and unique and full of love. Set the tone, set the scene and Zoom your way into the hearts of your guests with our virtual bridal shower ideas. And don’t forget to shop for all your online and IRL must-haves with Rakuten to earn Cash Back and save big.

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