How to Create an Outdoor Oasis for Under $250

Most people take great care decorating the inside of their homes, but few give that same attention to their outdoor space. Maybe it’s because furnishing your patio, porch or deck often can be more expensive than decorating indoors. I know firsthand because I recently invested in decking out our porch. Luckily, I found some workarounds to budget-breaking upgrades — and now I’m sharing those picks with you. The whole haul totals just under $250. And that’s not even the best part. Since you’re shopping for them with Ebates, you’ll get Cash Back on all the best products.

Start from the ground up

Outdoor rugs can be shockingly expensive, but the right rug can serve as the focal point for your entire outdoor setup. Start with the rug because you’ll be using its colors and patterns to inform the rest of your picks. I went with shades of blue for our deck, and I couldn’t be happier. This similar rug from Walmart  would make a great foundation for your new space.

Cost: $45

Choose your chairs wisely

When it comes to outdoor furniture, shopping for seating can be another expensive endeavor. There are countless options available, so how do you decide? It all comes down to how often you plan to use your space and what style you’re looking for. I wanted the Adirondack style without the price tag, so I chose two plastic lounge chairs. They’re very sturdy and look great on our deck.

Cost: $60

Add some accents

This is where you really get to show your creativity. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to plan your accent colors around the rug you’ve chosen since it’ll be a focal point of your outdoor decor. The sky’s the limit on what items you pick to fill the rest of your space. I recommend an interesting side table like this one from Candles, pillows and even a cool serving station are also great outdoor decor ideas.

Cost: $50


Simplify your storage

Even on a budget, you’ve invested time and hard-earned money on your outdoor project. Protect your new pieces with an outdoor storage unit. It’ll keep everything organized and, most important, dry. I chose this one from Suncast that doubles as an extra seat. You can even find a cushion for the top to match the rest of your color scheme.

Cost: $40

Finish with the final touches

A little outdoor lighting can go a long way. I opted for string lights like these from Kohl’s and zip-tied them to a cable I bought from the hardware store. If you’re outfitting a porch or covered patio, hanging these lights is even easier. Most lights come with brackets to help attach them to your home. If they don’t, you can use a staple gun to get the job done.

Cost: $45

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