How to Keep Kids Busy During Their Long Winter Break

Although you cherish every second you have with your precious children, you may need to have some fun kids’ winter-break activities in your box of tricks to keep them out of your hair while you relax or get some work done. These ideas will add a little wonder to your kids’ wintery days.

Pack a Winter Picnic

Although picnics often are reserved for summertime, it may be even more fun to make a hot lunch and get bundled up for an adventure in the winter wonderland. An insulated thermos makes sure your food stays warm.

Choose a Baking Project

Find a good reason to make cookies: for a neighbor, a sidewalk sale or an upcoming dinner party. Let the kids research a recipe and bake with independence (but safety supervision), and chalk up any less-than-tasty mistakes to the scientific process. You could even ask them to present their findings and make a plan to fix their blunder with the next batch. The gift of a chef’s kit will give them the authority in the kitchen that they love.


Send Them on a Wintertime Scavenger Hunt

Some winter-break ideas for kids just sound like work on your part, but sending your kids on a scavenger hunt will keep them occupied and won’t require you to clean up any messes. Make a list of activities for them to complete: take a picture in a still-scene reenactment of a favorite movie, shoot some video of their best dance moves or retrieve the “three blind mice” that are hiding around the house.

Spray-Painting in the Snow

When sledding and snowmen have lost their thrill, give your kids another reason to go outside for some fun activities. Spray bottles with a little watercolor paint or food-safe dye mixed with water could inspire their next great art project on the world’s most naturally white canvas. As long as there are a few rules, you shouldn’t have to clean up after them.

Karaoke Party

Have your kids create a playlist and let them become rock stars in the best karaoke party of the season. You might need this to happen behind a closed door.

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