Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids You Can Make With Clothes They Already Have

Halloween is practically a disposable holiday, where you buy a costume for your kids to wear once, maybe twice. Even though everyone gets candy for free, it’s just not a cheap (or eco-friendly) holiday. Instead of buying a cheaply made Halloween costume from the store, look for creative ways to use the clothes you have in your wardrobe, or make these DIY costumes part of your wardrobe. Some of these would be especially darling on toddlers and babies. Baby lumberjack? Baby aerobics instructor? Please make this happen.


This easy Halloween costume is really practical, considering we are just approaching fall weather. Get your kid a warm plaid flannel and tuck them into jeans. Hiking shoes, a false beard and a red beanie will complete the look. Make a saw out of painted cardboard.

Aerobics Instructor

Exercise clothes or a dance leotard are the base of this throwback costume. Dig up some scrunchies (colorful and multiple of course) and make some old adult socks into leg warmers. Some vibrant makeup is optional. Teach your kid some old step moves and get moving!

From Primary

Despicable Me Minion

Truly, this may be the simplest and most recognizable costume ever. You need a yellow shirt, overalls and some goggles or a beanie with those trademark eyeballs pasted on.


Although unicorns are traditionally white, you could make any color unicorn you want from a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt with a hood as long as both the top and the bottom are about the same color. Tape on a magical horn and tuck in a colorful tail.



You don’t need any special outfit for this one; just everyday clothes work with this. Or if it’s a rich voyager, get your kid boat shoes and a sweater to drape over their polo shirt.

Bird Watcher

An outfit your kid would wear on a hike works for this one, but a vest takes it to the next level. Next, glue a tiny fake bird on top of some binoculars or on a floppy hat that your little one can wear.


This is an amazing last-minute Halloween costume that comes out looking extra cool. A jean jacket or vest, cut off shirt, cool high tops and some drumsticks are about all you need to pull off the rock star look. A wig and sunglasses will add status. And, yes, these are almost all the same elements you would need for a “Wayne’s World” Garth or Wayne funny Halloween costume.

I would actually pay money for some of these Halloween costumes off the rack! Whatever pieces you need to get, use Rakuten to save and grow your Big Fat Check.

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