A Laid-Back Gift Guide for the Indoorsy Type

hermitggheaderWe’ve all got a few introverted people in our lives. Seeing them outside the comfort of their own abode is like spotting a unicorn. They are the masters of the solo Netflix binge. They live for lounge wear and wouldn’t be caught dead in heels or dress shoes. And while this holiday gift guide for the hermits on your list may only encourage behaviors that keep you from seeing them IRL, rest assured these gifts will be instant hits. That’s what holiday shopping is all about, right? Check out these clever, convenient and comfy holiday gift ideas with Cash Back at Ebates that will make staying in just a little sweeter.

Sofa Arm TraySofa Arm Wrap Tray

End tables, schmend tables. Too much reaching. Now you’ve got access to your snacks and drinks with just a little less effort.

Theater Popcorn Kit

Theater Popcorn Kit2Getting theater-style popcorn used to mean actually, you know, going out and dealing with people. Now, there’s no human interaction required and you get the best seat in the house. Your seat in your house.

Teak Bathtub Tray Caddy

Teak Bathtub Tray Caddy

Bath time has never been more luxurious. This rack holds your book or magazine, beverage, razor, bath brushes and anything else you need to melt into some Me Time.

Netflix Nachos and Naps TeeNetflix Nachos and Naps Tee

Tell the world you’re a lazy slob without ever looking like one. This chic graphic tee can be dressed down with jeans or decked out with a skirt and statement necklace for those exciting nights out on the…oh yeah. Never mind. Stick with the jeans.

Hipster Coloring Book

Hipster Coloring Book

When you’re a shut in, it helps to have a variety of activities that not only stimulate your brain, but keep you from getting bored and experiencing the disturbing desire to actually go outside. Color some ironic pictures instead! That yen for human interaction will dissipate in no time.

Beer-Making KitBeer Making Kit

Another dilemma of not wanting to leave the house is what happens when you need to meet some basic needs, like a cold glass of beer. Brew your own! Share with no one.

A List of TV Shows to Binge Watch Before You Die

The 50 TV Shows to Binge Watch Before You Die

As if you needed any help or encouragement when it comes to the copious amount of TV you already watch, this complete guide to can’t-miss, classic TV shows will keep you occupied for the next decade.

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers

Marshmallow Out USB Foot Warmers

Need ‘smore heat? These babies plug into your laptop to warm those tootsies. Thank goodness. You were about to actually leave the couch to mess with the thermostat.

Loveliest Lounging Robe in Glamour

Loveliest Lounging Robe in Glamour

Style or comfort? Why not have the best of both worlds with this Betsey Johnson robe that looks like a couture dress and wears like a comfy cloud.

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote

Extra remotes only result in one thing—time wasted looking for them that would be spent on more media consumption. Avoid this tragedy with this state-of-the-art universal remote.

Not Today Graphic Baseball T-Shirt

Not Today Graphic Baseball T-Shirt

“Hey, wanna grab a coffee?” “Come out to the club!” “Let’s go see a movie.” Simply point to the shirt. Asked and answered.

GUNNAR Optiks Gaming GlassesGUNNAR Optiks Gaming Glasses

We had to show some love for the gaming gurus out there whose favorite method of interaction is through a headset on team mode. These glasses feature amber-tinted lenses that prevent glare with an antireflective coating.

A Snack SubscriptionGraze Box

Going down to the corner store for your caloric recharge is now a thing of the past, and healthier to boot. A Graze subscription box provides wholesome, tasty snacks delivered right to your door!

The Timeless Gift of Pizza Delivery


Is there no greater joy then when the pizza arrives? Yes! When it’s free! Gyft offers gift cards from various restaurants that deliver hot meals, including but not limited to your favorite circular culinary creation. Did you know Burger King delivers now?!

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