Planning a Bachelor Party that Won’t Break the Bank

Bow tie, card, and dress shoe

If Hollywood were to be believed, nearly every soon-to-be groom would find their bachelor party to be a smorgasbord of expensive and often risque indulgences. But not to worry if you and your groomsmen have a bank balance with fewer digits than these fictional bachelors of lore. All you really need to host a killer bachelor party is good friends and a little creativity. Ebates makes it easy to snag some thrifty deals on party essentials. Using Ebates Cash Back and exclusive promo codes, you can be sure you and your groomsmen will have a guys’ night out that is truly legendary, without breaking the bank. Read on for some awesome and budget-friendly bachelor party ideas. 

Go Camping 

So you want to get away, spend a weekend with the boys and have a carefree adventure. If your budget can’t quite carry the weight of a five-person flight to Las Vegas, there’s no reason you can’t still have a truly stellar getaway. You and the guys have always talked about trekking out to that cool campsite a few miles outside of town, hunkering down and enjoying the wide open air, free to do as you please without the constraints of civilization. has some sweet deals if you need to snag a few outdoor essentials before heading out. Pack some brews and some hot dogs and head out for an inexpensive mini-vacation that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on your wedding day and the adventure that is life as a newlywed.

Guys’ Night In

What better location to celebrate one last night of bachelorhood than the old bachelor pad? Order some pizzas and pick up some 12-packs. Have the groomsmen pitch in for a couple of bottles of middle-shelf liquor and some mixers, or designate each of the guys to bring a snack or beverage to share. Chill out with some Netflix or DVDs, or fire up the Playstation and enjoy a few rounds of your favorite games. Chill out, reminisce, and say goodbye to the digs of singledom in a way befitting of all the awesome times you’ve shared there.


Karaoke and parties go together like rum and coke. And speaking of the latter, libations are best served plentifully if you go this route, especially if the groom is a bit more reserved. Help him let loose by getting him just short of smashed with some pre-game drinks before hailing an Uber to the nearest karaoke bar. Not only is it a ton of fun, it usually makes for some funny memories all of you can reflect on fondly and laugh about for years to come. Bonus points if you snag a video of the groom belting out some ‘80s hair metal.


This option is one of the cheapest and simplest. All you need is a backyard and a grill. Blast some tunes, fill up the cooler with some ice cold brews, and show off your skills as a grillmaster by cooking up some delicious eats and an equally good time. Pick up some dogs, burgers, and buns at the local Safeway and lay out an assortment of self-serve condiments for a casual celebration. Set up some backyard badminton or volleyball for a little extra fun.

Game Night

So you and your guys don’t quite have enough extra dough laying around to risk blowing a few hundred in a serious high-stakes poker game. That doesn’t mean you can’t replicate the experience on a more wallet-friendly level. Head to the casino and play some penny slots — they’re not just fun for old-timers — or set up your own table at a groomsman’s place. You can go with a classic like poker or pick a few of the groom’s favorite card or board games. Order some deliciously greasy takeout, procure some cigars, and serve up some whiskey sours and White Russians. Remember, if you’re playing for money, pitch in for the groom’s share.


With tasty wings, beer by the pitcher, and big screen TVs, sports bars are practically designed with male bonding in mind. And what better way to solidify your friendship than by sharing in the excitement of cheering on a favorite sports team? Head down to your favorite local haunt and take in the big game for a cheap night out with built-in entertainment.

Paintball or Laser Tag

Looking for a game day that’s a little more physical? Don your war paint and head to your local paintball range or laser tag facility for an action-filled time that will be sure to get your heart pumping. Take advantage of group rates and Groupons to save a few dollars. You can spend your savings on some celebratory brews at the pub afterward.

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