How to Save Big on a Winter Getaway

Whether you like it or not, winter is coming and people are already starting to make winter travel plans. With so many people booking flights and hotels, prices can skyrocket in an instant. But if you make a few smart moves, you can protect your pocketbook and get some R&R at the same time. Here are my top five tips for saving on winter travel.

1. Book your travel with Rakuten

Did you know you can save on winter travel by using Rakuten to book a vacation package? Rakuten Travel & Vacations partners with a large number of popular travel companies — Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity and more — to offer coupons and Cash Back. 

2. Find a destination less traveled

When it comes to winter travel destinations, I’d suggest doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. When most people are heading to the beach, why not travel to a cheap winter travel destination like Chicago? There are countless things to do indoors, and you can use all the money you’ll save on the hotel and airfare to splurge on a spa day or a meal at one of Chicago’s many world-class restaurants.

3. Prepay for activities

There are often large discounts to be had if you pay for tours or other attractions ahead of time. The biggest savings usually come on group discounts, so larger families will get ahead here. City Pass, which provides access to popular attractions for one low price, is popular in larger cities. Heading to an international destination? Get 5% Cash Back from Worldwide City Sightseeing with Rakuten. I also like to book things outside of peak hours to save a little extra.



4. Use a form of transportation without wings

Some people hate road trips, but my best memories were made behind the wheel with family and friends. Here in the Midwest, world-class ski resorts are just a few hours from most cities, and Florida is basically a day’s drive away. No matter where you live, there’s plenty to do within driving distance. Pick a cheap winter travel destination, get out of town and enjoy both the journey and the destination.


5. Escape in your own backyard

Staycations are extremely underrated. First, there’s no plane ticket to buy and you don’t have to fill up multiple times at the gas pump. Second, there are likely a million things you’ve been meaning to do in your city but haven’t had the time. Why not save them for a winter weekend getaway? You’ll save a ton of cash and learn more about where you live.

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