4 Sneaker Outfit Ideas All Guys Need to Try This Spring

When you think of even the most expensive, statement-making sneakers, you undoubtedly picture casual settings. We’re here to bust you out of that box and show you a few ways you can dress sneakers up for anything from weddings to workouts. Take a look at these sneaker outfits you can top off with Cash Back while shopping athletic shoes for men through Ebates.

Suits and Sneaks


Pairing a dress sneaker, which is just a dress shoe built for comfort, with a suit is always a good idea. However, if you’re tired of playing it safe and you’re craving a sportier look even on special occasions, try a clean, white leather sneaker like these Stan Smith Adidas.

white adidasAbove all, keep it low-top and tailor your pants for minimal pooling at the ankles for a crisp yet bold look. Depending on your dress code, this could be perfect for those days you go directly from office to outing.

Black on Black


There is perhaps nothing easier and more chic than an all-black aesthetic. For this edgy street-style look, go with fitted black denim and an all-black shoe like these Vans Atwood sneakers.

4 Sneaker Outfit Ideas All Guys Need to Try This SpringRemember to opt for no-show ankle socks in black. An unexpected pop of white throws the whole thing off balance. Now you have a casual sneaker outfit Kanye himself would covet.


Party Popper


If those spring and summer weddings are already taking over your calendar, at least you have multiple opportunities to try a bright sneaker. Colorful Converse, like these All-Star Ox sneakers, are fantastic for non-black-tie weddings, and they will give your jacket and pants an instant pop.

4 Sneaker Outfit Ideas All Guys Need to Try This Spring 2When selecting a color for your sneakers, go with one that will match your outfit’s level of loudness. If you’re wearing tan, go for pastels. Match jewel tones with jewel tones and primary colors with primary colors.

Peak Performance


With the athleisure trend still going strong, you’re going to want a pair of joggers and high-top sneakers — stat. This is a winning combo every time, since joggers will always stay in place so you can show off your new kicks with ease. We just love a white leather high-top like these Court Borough sneakers from Nike.

4 Sneaker Outfit Ideas All Guys Need to Try This Spring 3We hope you’ll give these looks some thought next time you reach for your favorite jeans and sneakers for weekend lounging. Now that you know how to wear sneakers for all occasions, tell us which of these looks is your favorite with a comment below!

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