Spring 2015 Runway-Inspired Nail Polish Trends


Spring fashion doesn’t just stop at clothes and kicks. Your nails can be an important part of your look and a great way to turn heads no matter what you’re wearing. These nail polish trends are hot off the runways and we found the perfect spring nail colors to help you try them on for size. They will certainly take your everyday outfits to new, high-fashion levels.

Tie Dye Nails


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Using jewel tones and pastels, nail artists have created this modern nod to the swinging 60s with this boho-chic tie dye look. You can, of course, use any color combo you like for a look all your own.

Half Moons


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Simple and chic, these coral half moon manis create a barely-there look that will let your clothes and accessories do all the talking. Sometimes it’s all about the little details to create a big impact.

Wiped Out


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The key to this undone nail look is to apply polish like normal then simply take nail polish remover and wipe off most of the manicure. You can do this to create a neat or jagged finish. Who knew your two-week-old mani would become a hot runway trend?

Most Wanted Spring Nail Colors



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