Super Bowl Fun For Football Non-Fans


Not down with football, like not even a little bit? You don’t have to get left out of all the fun and festivities of a Super Bowl party. Create your own gathering of like-minded football unenthusiasts with these Super Bowl Sunday activities that are sure to induce some serious LOLs and good times all around.


Dress The Part

Think of Super Bowl Sunday as Halloween 2.0. Paint your face all Braveheart style, slap on some eye black stickers (seen here), and grab that megaphone. Maybe you can even have a contest for the best obnoxious football fan costume? Winner takes ALL the dip.


Super Bowl Cook-Off

Speaking of dip, we’re thinking this mind-blowing bacon beer dip would be a surefire winner in a good, old fashioned cook-off! Invite your pals to bring their prized homemade snacks and dishes and see which one scores touchdown. (The Beeroness)


Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

Besides the half time show, commercials are another part of the Super Bowl that football non-fans can look forward to. Turn this viewing party into a fun bingo game with these pre-printed cards. (Style Me Pretty)


Rate That Commercial

Another option is to simply rate the commercials with these cute printed signs! All you need are some popsicle sticks, tape, and a few judgmental friends. (Studio DIY)




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