Having Fun During the Big Game for Non-football Fans

The Big Game is the biggest sporting event in America. Millions of die-hard football fans tune in to watch the final game of the football season. If you’re not into football, though, the game can be a bit alienating. Your loved ones may as well be on another planet when they talk about first downs, touchbacks, fumbles and two-point conversions.

Fortunately there’s still plenty for non-football fans to enjoy on game day, like these free football party games and Big Game activities. Try some of these fun activities and party ideas to join in on the Big Game festivities.

Dress Up Like a Fan

Even if you’re not a football expert, it can be fun to get into the spirit by dressing up like a mega fan along with your hardcore football-loving friends and family. Coordinate a face-painting station to represent your team’s colors, set up a Halloween-style costume contest or slap on some eye-black stickers and watch the wardrobe malfunctions fly. If you want to be really creative, you can dress up as the team’s mascot or the head coach of your friends’ favorite team that made it to Big Game LVII.

Arrange a Halftime Cook-off

Grilling and the Big Game have almost become synonymous. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Pro Football Championship is the second-biggest food consumption day after Thanksgiving.

During the pregame national anthem or halftime is the perfect time to challenge your party guests to a friendly grilling showdown. Winner of the best-tasting burger, hot dog, dip or other game-day favorite food earns bragging rights for the whole year.

Rate the Wacky Commercials

The Big Game is not only the biggest game of the year, but also home to dozens of ridiculously high-budget ads. Big Game ads have exploded in popularity over the years, with the best ads going viral. You can expect the competition to be fierce — and a barrel of laughs for those watching.

If you’re not invested in the game, watching and rating the weirdest commercials can be a fun treat of its own. Some of the biggest movies of the year will also premiere teasers or full trailers during the Big Game. If you’re a movie buff but not a football buff, that alone can be worth tuning in.

You can create a bingo card with wild commercial prompts to see if anyone can score a bingo before halftime. If you’re more prone to judging weird ads, then you can set up a rating system from the weirdest to tamest commercial using homemade signs.

Tune In to the Halftime Show

For non-football fans, halftime is exactly what you think: the halfway point of the game. It’s a necessary intermission when fans can get up to stretch, refill their plates with snacks, and chat about the game. It’s also host to the Big Game halftime show.

The Big Game’s halftime show is one of the biggest showcases of the hottest singers, bands, and other high-profile acts. These shows are short concerts that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Halftime shows are known for being over the top and flashy, so they can be fun for fans of the acts even if they don’t enjoy football.

Binge Football Movies

If the halftime show isn’t your style, why not binge some football movies instead? These movies can be a good (sometimes even emotional) time even for people who don’t know the rules of football.

You can start the movie marathon before kickoff to get excited for the game. Set up a short movie trivia session during halftime to quiz guests on the characters, best plays, and other memorable events before the rest of the real game starts. Whoever has the most correct answers gets to take home the gold (e.g., a little trophy or the rest of the leftovers).



How long is the Big Game?

The average Big Game runs 3 hours and 12 minutes, including commercials.

How do you make a Big Game party fun for kids?

Setting a quiet corner for your kids to play while the adults watch the game can be a great way to keep them occupied. You can include football-themed coloring books and toys to keep on theme with your party or let their imaginations run wild by letting them play pretend or football team dress-up.

Why is the Big Game three hours?

According to Chat Sports, the Big Game is as long as it is due to the sheer number of ads aired during the game.

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