Taking Yoga Out of the Studio

If you’ve recently started a new yoga practice, filled up your drawers with some hot new yoga gear, like Gaiam yoga wear which is available at Kohls — and find you love the comfort and style of your studio clothes so much that you can’t resist wearing them out as streetwear — you’re not alone!

Studio-to-street looks are rapidly making huge waves in the fashion world as busy women seek stylish solutions to fit workouts into their tight schedules. And it’s no wonder — with the wide range of well-designed coordinates available, it’s easy to look put-together and on trend in your yoga clothing. As a plus, yoga gear is not only chic but comfortable for any activity!

Curious about how to go from studio to street without a hitch? Try these tips and breeze from class to brunch (or beyond).

Taking Yoga Out of the Studio Infographic


The easiest way to take your yoga gear to the streets is to add accessories. Just toss your favorites on in the locker room and go. Need ideas? Consider what you would add to a “regular” outfit and give it a go with your workout clothes. For starters, you can try the following:

  • Tie a flannel around your waist.
  • Carry your favorite statement bag.
  • Pop a baseball cap on for a sporty, fun look.
  • Not into ball caps? A cowboy or sun hat can work too!
  • Chunky, colorful jewelry can add just the right touch to glam up your outfit for the sidewalks.

Layer It On

Another simple way to make your gym clothing appropriate for venues off the mat is to match it up with items from your everyday wardrobe. Adding “street” pieces to your yoga basics can create a cool, urban vibe. Start looking through your closet to see if any of these ideas inspire you:

  • Throw on a fierce bomber jacket for instant street cred.
  • Pull a flowing skirt over your leggings — or simply exchange your pants for one.
  • A tailored blouse can look surprisingly sleek on top of yoga pants — or for a more boho feel, try a peasant blouse over your tank.
  • You can even put on a cool blazer for an urban look.
  • Try a graphic T-shirt for an especially edgy look over either basic or patterned yoga pants.
  • Kimonos are the ultimate in style right now and look great over gym gear!

Style Your Shoes

For the final touch, simply putting streetwear on your feet can give yoga clothes the panache to strut anywhere. Shoes without an overt athletic feel can do the trick when nothing else does and elevate your outfit beyond class. If you’re ready to get off and running, give these ideas a run for their money:

  • Swap out your flip-flops for dressier sandals or flats. Surprise: You can even try a pair of heels, if you dare!
  • Consider “fun” sneakers that are more designer- than workout-oriented.
  • Metallic sneakers are comfy and snazzy, matching but elevating the casual vibe.
  • You can even try a pair of boots — classic neutral ones for a sleek look, or go hippie with fringe and suede!
  • Want to really toughen things up? Try moto boots with studs.

Have fun — and Namaste!

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