The Art of the Thank You Note

Thank You Note

Imagine coming home from a long day at the office. You’re tired, your feet hurt and your mailbox is full of bills, catalogs and other forms of junk mail. But nestled in between all those coupons and ads is a small envelope with your handwritten name on it. A thank you card. In the age of texts, tweets and emails, this is a joy to see. Taking the time to say “thank you” in the form of a handwritten note can make any day full of stress end on a joyful note. Whether you want to buy some beautiful stationery or DIY your own notecards, here’s a few tips and tricks on the art of writing a thank you note this holiday season. We also picked out a few of our favorite thank you note sets that you can get with Cash Back at Ebates.

1. Make It Stand Out

Grabbing a piece of copy paper, scribbling the words “thanks” and throwing it in the mail doesn’t cut it. Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but put some effort into it to really show your gratitude. Your aunt spent four hours making those cookies that you love. Your sister stood in line for 45 minutes to pick out the scarf you’ve been wanting for months. And your co-workers remembered what your favorite flowers were. Having your thank you card stand out among the junk mail makes the recipient eager to open it. Even hand-made cards get major brownie points, showing that you went above and beyond with your effort.

Woman Writing Thank You Notes

2. Be Specific

When saying thank you, make sure to include what you’re thanking someone for, whether it be the gift you received or a kind gesture they’ve shown you recently. Let the person know how you felt receiving the gift and how you plan to use it or how it will make a difference in your life. This shows that you’re not just sitting down and signing thank you cards generically and shows their gift or gesture has not gone unappreciated.

3. Add a Special Touch

If the situation calls for it, adding a special touch to the thank you card can really bring a smile to someone’s face. Whether you want to add a small gift yourself or simply write a meaningful quote, make sure to address it so that it will not be overlooked or misinterpreted.

4. Send in a Timely Manner

Delivering a thank you note, whether through the mail or in person, should be done within a week or two. The sooner the note is delivered, the more of a priority that person appears to be. A thank you note a month or two after the gift or gesture can come across as an afterthought, which doesn’t make the person feel special at all. And the goal of the thank you note is to show your gratitude and appreciation!

Handwritten Thank You

Take your time in writing thank you notes, regardless of how tedious or unnecessary it may seem. It truly makes a difference. And if you’re thinking of buying stationery instead of making your own, here are a few suggestions we have for you!

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